Android crashes less than iOS according to recent study

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With the release of iOS 7.1, performance monitoring service, Crittercism, found that it was themost stable iOS build to date, with a crash rate of just under 1.6%. This is compared to previous iOS builds who have had a crash rate of over 2%.

Other builds of Android, especially those of the 4.x variety, were found to have a crash rate of around 0.7%, a number which Apple is pretty far from at the moment.

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Uhm, what's a 1,6% crash rate? It has a daily crash chance of 1,6% or something?

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Both well within the range one could call, "negligible."

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Android has really improved a lot from the early days. I'd love to try 4.4(that's the last one right?), but I cant see myself going back to android as my primary mobile device(at least for tablets, until apple releases a larger screen iphone) after getting an ipad air. I will consider the next Nexus 7 because I still enjoy tinkering with android.