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Happy new year guys. it's been quite some time since i last posted on the forums (altho i do read from time to time). Chances are you guys pretty much gave up on this game and don't really give a dang but on the off chance you do, and you missed the update of the english website, a few new bits of info have turned up.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG4lgpD9knM#t=178 This is a trailer that's been out from December has what i assume to be the ecablossans big gun unit (their equivalent to a bone dragon or battleloon)



Now i'm going back under my rock until this game actually releases.


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Really hoping for an actual follow through on the PS4 port, my PC is far too old to handle something like this. They were talking about 10,000 or so units on screen at once? Ridiculous!

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@Steveb106: Your PC just MIGHT be able to play it. the specs are freakishly low in one of the articles said this:

Q: The minimum system requirement was announced as 4GB ram, a GeForce 9800GT 512 MB and 15 GB of HDD space. Will there be further optimizations done?

A: I think you have a wrong information. The system requirement you said is much higher than our current system requirement. Our minimum requirement is 2GB ram, Geforce 7600gt 256mb. We have released the video relate to this system requirement before.

We are still doing optimizing work so the system requirement for Kingdom Under Fire II will be lower in the future. Current recommendation system for Kingdom Under Fire II is 2GB ram, 9600gt 512mb.

If what the dev is saying is true, then they are gods of coding and all other devs should learn from them. They built their engine from the ground up to make the game ook good while keeping the specs low. I'm hoping this game turns out great. would be a shame after waiting so long.

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I'll believe it when I see it, I hate to be a pessimist but we've been waiting years for KUF2.

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The videos were pretty good, more exciting than I would have thought and more strategy was shown off than in previous videos. I see that the customization seems to have improved dramatically...even if the devs like making the same character over and over again for their footage...there are more videos here with lots of gameplay, and even the intro to the game:


I am pleased to see at least some of that stupid, MMO UI they decided to switch to can be turned off. You can see in one of the videos above how the dumb circles above NPCs that tell you whether someone is an enemy or friend can be turned off.

That said, the story still seems both completely uninteresting and lacking. You're a mercenary that's not really part of the army of any of the main armies...yay...you're also a nobody (kind of as a side effect of being just a merc and not part of any army, also kind of a side effect of the story's protagonist heroes being no longer playable and now being NPCs you probably talk to for quests...sure they haven't specifically said this last thing, but we haven't heard anything of the heroes in years and there's now no information on them in their site, just of these gender and race locked "classes," of which there are only three, of course). I still see dark elf ("albino" dark elves) and Encablossa exile player characters leading human, high elf, and dwarf troops in the Human Alliance they are supposed to be enemies with, as well as all of them in the same towns together. All this will be explained away with "well you're a mercenary, so you can be a dark elf or enca merc working for the human alliance," but really the reason they're going that route is because instead of making real races and classes in the game, they decided to copy/paste the three heroes they had made (forget the name of elf chick and the other guy, it's been forever since they were even mentioned) and turn them into "classes" which are gender and race locked, so since there only three class options (they say there will make more after the game releases though, so that's good I guess) and they are race locked, you can't really have the factions be divided by race, if you did then each faction would be completely made up of players of the same class (lol). Overall, the story and lore has gone completely out the window to make room for MMO convenience; this is the same thing that happened to the Warcraft story once it stopped being a single player RTS and switched to MMO. They butchered the story and lore in order to make it work in an MMO setting.

Edit: also, forgot to mention, the graphics, they looked really fantastic a couple of years ago, now they look just fair on the best case scenario and even sub-par on the worst case scenario when compared to graphics on other PC games, and the textures are just horrible up close...it just shows how much time they've burned away turning the game into an MMO that the graphics which originally looked amazing even with all those people on screen, now look just fair at their best due to the fact that they were made for much older hardware

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Finally looks like we are getting somewhere, can not wait to play this game. Still.