Best way to install GTA 5 onto Xbox360

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I have got GTA 5 for Xbox360 that have been playing for sometime now. Only today i have seen that their is a play disk bug on the game. I have tested to see if the bug is in my game by restarting the game form new and i can see that the bug is in the game and i have never seen it before but only now! How it's slow on loading items and the game is slow on loading parts. So i have gone and uninstalled the game from the hard drive and going to reinstall it. But don't know how to install the play disk to the USB pen drive!!! I have been looking up on the net and some people say do this and some say don't do this and i'm very lost on what to do!

Some people say install the install disk to the hard drive but don't install the play disk at all, only use to to play the game.

Some people say install the install disk to the hard drive and then install the play disk to a USB pen drive.

And i seen some people say only install the install disk and don't install the play disk at all as it don't do anything.

Can somebody place help me as i have been looking up videos on how to do it but had no luck.

When i install the game!

I install the install disk to the hard drive and let it do it's job and then it ask for the play disk when it's done, so i put the play disk into the drive and it installs what's on the play disk and then starts playing the game.

What I'm i doing wrong?

Thank you

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Any body at all know the best way? As I'm getting stressed out on what to do here. Right now I'm installing the install disk to a USB pen but don't know if that's going to install play disk onit too.

If somebody can tell me how it works i be thankful.

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Just put the install disk in and it will ask you to install it, don't use the option on the dashboard. When the Install disk is done you can either;

1) just put the play disc in when the game tells you to and it will finish the installation (it has to do this, it doesn't mean it's installing the whole thing) and play or;

2) restart then put the play disk in and install that to a USB through the dashboard option and play from the USB.