Why Do People Say They Hate The Wii U?/Do You Hate The Wii U?

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I know, I know. Several people already asked this question. The Wii U isn't THAT good but at least it works. (I'm talking to YOU, Game and Watch.) I'm also doing this survey, as it says in the title. If you did both, thank you!



(Dear Evan Hansen :P)

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Wii U is a spectacular console with a ton of amazing games. It mostly had a marketing problem. At least some of its great games are getting a second life on Switch.

My family still plays Nintendo Land, Smash and other games on the Wii U at get togethers.

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I still have the Wii U. But I have not played it in ages. I don't hate Nintendo for it.

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I hated that Nintendo abandoned it so quickly and that it was badly marketed.

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I don’t hate my WiiU, but it was a system I’ve already packed up and it’s software was kinda ‘meh’ for my taste. I think it turned me off the Nintendo brand as I have no desire to buy a Switch anytime soon and I don’t think I’ve ever paused to think about buying a 3DS.

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I've never played the Wii U.

But from what I've heard... many people didn't understand what the Wii U was. People didn't know it was a new console. They thought it was an add-on to the original Wii.

In addition, there was a lack of games for it.

It's no one's fault but Nintendo's, that they failed to even explain what the Wii U is. And with a name like Wii U, no wonder everyone thought it was just an add-on. Wii 2 would've made a lot more sense. The controller also confused people.

The name, no explanation of what the system is, lack of games, weird controller, etc, are all part of why Wii U failed.

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Where's the poll?

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I had slight interest in the Wii-U a year or two before it went kaput, but it was kind of fleeting interest because the system didn't really have enough big, hit games. I remember being interested in NSMBU, Windwaker, Pikmin 3, Smash Bros., The Wonderful 101, Disney Infinity and, much later, Mario Maker. But that was about it. I probably would have gotten MK8, Twilight Princess and definitely BotW too. Outside of that it was mostly VC offerings. Not an awful selection, but not a great selection.

Another major issue was that the hardware looked extremely clunky and outdated. And as with the Wii, there were tons of these extra accessories you needed to buy for certain games. I get that it's still the same case with the Switch - pro controllers and Gamecube controllers and rumble things for the joypads - though you can comfortably play most games with the included joycons, and play in three different ways with the joycons.

In retrospect, there was almost no reason to own the Wii-U now. The Switch has ported over most of the system's best offerings. Mario Maker remains the main sticking point.

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Many who hate wii u don't actually have one

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Forcing you to buy a giant portable console thingy annoyed people.

Everyone knew it was a new console.

It just needed a standard controller and a load of 3rd party 'fun' games that were not shitty Nintendo 1st party gams of which I have no interest.

But N's license fee's once again pissed off the entire industry and so the console got hardly any games.

A pity because the PS3 and xbox360 are too large in form for my taste using up too much space and have power which I would not use, not being interested in AAA games.

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I still have Wii U but I don't often play it. It is a waste of time.

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i say no, i love him. hihi

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I found the WII U to be more confusing than fun.

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Its a strange console at the start it had some great 3rd party support but support fell off so quick and never recovered. It had some outstanding games like wind waker hd,3D world, tropical freeze and mk 8 to name a few. The marketing strategy has to be questioned it was very poor for a company like Nintendo. All in all it's a shame it ended before it started for the system.