Which Fire Emblem game should I play (read details first before voting)

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Posted by RedLightning40 (40 posts) 11 months, 29 days ago

Poll: Which Fire Emblem game should I play (read details first before voting) (7 votes)

Fire Emblem Warriors 0%
Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia 43%
Fire Emblem Fates Revelation 14%
Fire Emblem Awakening 43%

I've owned all games listed except for Warriors. Still own Awakening, I've beat Conquest & Birthright & <Awakening>(3 times twice in Normal, once in hard)

I've been interested in Warriors but not sure I want a hack & slash like game but what do everyone else think about each post a comment.

I've now I got enough money for one Fire Emblem game you all will help me decide which. I always play in classic mode, no fun or challenge if characters revive after battle.

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#1 Posted by farnham (21147 posts) -

For a first timer Fire Emblem Awakening or Fire Emblem Fates Birthright.. Echoes is a remake of a NES game and while it has great production values it really shows that it is an old game. Warriors is not a fire emblem game but a Dynasty warriors game.

For someone who played Awakening, Conquest and Birthright Id say it depends.. If you really like the Fates/Awakening style gameplay play Revelations. If you liked the characters but want more action play Warriors. If you like a blast to the past play Echoes. But for realz.. try to get path of radiance and radiant dawn...

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#2 Posted by sakaiXx (3877 posts) -

The gba games first. Harder, more fun overall.

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#3 Posted by WeebDragon (102 posts) -

@sakaixx said:

The gba games first. Harder, more fun overall.

Agree with this one especially with 7. But with your choices I'll go with Echoes. Warriors gameplay doesn't have an appeal to me.

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#4 Posted by FireEmblem_Man (18455 posts) -

@farnham: What? Echoes, is a lot better than Fates and Awakening

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#5 Edited by Skaidus (15 posts) -

Fire emblem awakening is the best choice