Your Game of the Year 2017 top pick

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Definitely Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Even this game didn't come out yet, and I already know that it will be epic.

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@PETERAKO: destiny's a great game. It's actually nominated under "Best Action Game" "Best Score/Music" Best Audio Design" and "Best Art Direction"

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@soul_starter: Yes, that would be pretty awesome. Mario's actually getting the lead unexpectedly.

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@john_coronado: Yeah, Thats why people are abandoning it. It's so great, players feel unworthy to play it.

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@Enragedhydra: More likely, the awards seem to depend on the popularity of votes and disregarding the content of the game. I never played PUBG but the majority of the gamers esp. shooters are so hyped on the game that it almost went Esport.

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@deadlyyraven: If Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gets to head to head against Persona 5, that would be crazy. But since I own PS4, I go for Persona 5. Though XBC2 is a good game as well. No doubt.

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Yakuza 0

Runner ups:
Nier Automata, Persona 5, Gravity Rush 2, Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5, Nex Machina, The Evil Within 2, Resident Evil 7, Nioh, and Yakuza Kiwami.

Best Indie: Diluvion

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@john_coronado said:

So The Game Awards 2017 is just around the corner. Perhaps, it's the most anticipated event gamers are looking forward. Games from different genres are gathered once again with one goal in mind and that is to create a remarkable history by winning the so-called GotY. So who's your top pick among the ever-anticipated list of your favorite AAA games? Here are the nominees. Please pick one and tell me why you've chosen it. Let your voice be heard! ;)

Top 5 so far according to The Game Awards:

1. Super Mario Odyssey

2. Persona 5

3. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

4. Horizon Zero Dawn

5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I have played none of those games. I tried to play Battlegrounds, but the game is so poorly optimized, I had to get a refund.

So far, and I can't believe I am going to be saying this, as it makes me feel dirty, but my Game of the Year contender, based on raw fun, enjoyment and pleasure of play would be Destiny 2.

It's got so many flaws, so many poor design decisions, yet when everything works like it should, when you get a small group together and play trough the content for a while, it clicks in a way few other games ever do.

I waited and got it on PC and boy was it worth the wait. The game runs amazing and looks gorgeous. The soundtrack is also very impressive. The gunplay is incredibly satisfying. The mixture of enemy lore and visual design made me enjoy fighting every race.

I don't like to single out a game as best of the year, and I usually don't, but I'll make an exception this year.

The game really is that good. I can only hope future content updates keeps making it better.


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@lucidique: Desinty 2 is actually a great sci-fi FPS. I was more hooked unto it than Overwatch. Anyway, regardless if they win Best Action Game or not, still it's worth the play on PC. They would be one of the best On-going Games soon. There's nothing awkward feeling that way when you're rooting for your game to be GotY, actually, every game can be deserving to be GotY as long as if it's well-received by the majority of players and reviewers alike regardless of the content.

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Horizon Zero Dawn

Destiny 2 should not be even nominated, its campaign is shit

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@john_coronado: Super mario no matter what.

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Hmm...this year had some tough competiton.

My top five would probably be:

1. Zelda BotW

2. Mario Odyssey

3. Divinity Original Sin 2

4. Yakuza 0

5. Persona 5

Xenoblade 2 is very close, but just misses out (although I'm maybe only 50% through?).

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@gamezoka: PUBG was already grateful knowing that the team behind the game were nominated in GOTY. After all, at the end of the day, what matters most is how you enjoyed the game regardless of a good narrative and art design, yes?