Your Favorite Game - Dishonored Series

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Which one in this game series is your favorite? Take the survey below and choose:

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I love all three of them as I'm a huge fan of Dishonored's world and gameplay style. Even though 2 had the best level design, the first game will always be my favorite in the series. I was really drawn into its victorian london steampunk setting.

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Started the first Dishonored game before Resi2 comes out, and am finding the game mostly fun with two noteworthy complaints so far.

The guards dialogue is too repetitive in a game which is designed around overseeing NPCs constantly.

The sight range for enemies is well. . weird. Sometimes it's short and narrow, sometimes it's far and wide, especially Tallboys. Those things see for miles for someone with a sheet of metal in front of his eyes. I'm getting Thief reboot vibes for how overall terrible the A.I. is for the game.