Your biggest gaming disappointments this gen?

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Okay. Name your biggest gaming disappointments this gen! It is your time to whine!

Important note: you may only name games you have actually played. So, no dissing exclusives from other consoles.

Heres my short list of the biggest gaming disappointments this gen:

1. DMC 5: repetitive and dull hack thru samey, dull locations. Mere shadow of what the series used to be. Massive disappointment.

2. Elite Dangerous: this serious space sim managed to disappoint from the very first minute.

3. Fist of the North Star: shallow Yakuza clone. Makes proper Yakuza games feel like masterpieces in comparison.

4. Sonic Forces: you dont expect much from sonic games, yet this one managed to disappoint big way even so...

5. Sekiro: soulless game, and massive disappointment after the solid Souls 3. Buy Nioh instead.

6. Dragon Quest IX: bland, dull and painfully disappointing.

7. Days Gone: looks nice, disappoints otherwise.

8. Tales of Zestiria: so disappointing...

9. DOOM: single player campaign is shallow, easy and just so disappointing.

10. Ni No Kuni 2: what a disappointment, given how good the first game was..

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Agree with Doom; it's just a moving gallery shooter. There was little to no character development, story or anything particularly interesting or immersive about the world. A step backwards from Doom3 for sure.

Fallout 4: Too much emphasis on shooting; no rpg.

Wolfenstein tno: Similar to Doom - just shallow and repetitive.

I even recently tried Bayonetta for pc, but I guess that style of game just isn't for me.

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Homefront 2 release. It's a fantastic game and due to the release it was ruined and now I won't see a probably won't see a sequel.

Tony hawk 5, really loved the series and been told told by many not to play.

switch games never go down in price

Overall looking back on this gen. I think it's been fantastic. VR is pretty mainstream now and it's awesome and so have the a lot of the games.

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Resident Evil 7 : It is inferior to Alien Isolation, TEW 1&2 and RE 2 remake. One of the weakest RE games.

MGS V TPP: It was nowhere near the high scores that it got.

Doom 4: Great combat, Bad level design and repetitive.

DMC 5: Great Combat, Bad Level Design and repetitive.

EA Battlefront 1: So inferior to original Battlefront games by pandemic. Also vehicles on rails and no Command Posts that made it completely linear.

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3. Wolfenstein. I dont know just how this game survive the hype, played it and it sucked

2. Dark Souls 3. Its amazing no lie, weapon arts is hit or miss but its in the end it doesnt do much to innovate. just obligatory souls game to close the trilogy.

1. Order 1886. Really want for this game to be good. The lore and world building for this game is really interesting and victorian/steampunk London? Amazing. Loved the game but clearly needs more rpg elements and longer playtime to flesh out everything.

Edit. Shoutout to Xenoblade 2, trash can poop compared to Xenoblade 1.

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Fallout 4 and Mass Effect: Andromeda. I enjoyed both but compared to their predecessors, they certainly disappointed.

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This would have been a nice thread if OP wasn't such a diva on the GD forum. Have you even played DMC5? Tell me what a Faust orb cancel is please. @henrythefifth You should have shown a backbone and selected Fall Out 76, it's one of the worst games this generation by a country mile.

massive disappointment after the solid Souls 3

I recall you having a very different view on DkSIII just two days ago. Showing some inconsistencies Hen.

For a serious answer from myself, Little Big Planet 3. And despite other games coming to mind, this one stands out like a sore thumb. Sumo Digital kills everything they touch. And really annoyed previous developer Media Molecule.

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  • Watch Dogs the graphics downgrade tarnished this game forever the game itself is not to bad much better then WD2.
  • Mafia 3 the repetitive mission structure ruined this game it's to bad because it has great characters and setting.
  • Resident Evil 7 more scary then RE6 yes absolutely but the lack of combat made this game boring I also prefer my RE games in third person.
  • Battlefield 1 to be fair this series started going down hill around BF3 and just got worst after it's not the BF games that I use to enjoy it's a COD clone more or less.
  • Sleeping Dogs 2 being cancelled fu#k the first game was amazing Square suck ass.
  • No new Splinter Cell this generation
  • No GTA 6
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Playstation and Nintendo offerings this gen. I usually buy all the consoles in a generation, but something about the offerings from these two disappointed me. My tastes have strayed away from single player to online multiplayer and the Xbox brand has more than satisfied my needs.

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i'd have to go with henrythefifth. started off promising but seems to have gone downhill fast. repetitive, cliche and lacking in entertainment value. overall he's been a disappointment.

edit: sorry i thought the thread was most disappointing gamer

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@henrythefifth: For once I agree with you. I've never played a Tales game I didn't like. Until Tales of Zestiria that is. Also Ni Ni Kuni 2 is nowhere near as good as the original but it's still a pretty solid game. I really liked the fast paced, fluid combat system. I just hated those stupid skirmishes. Now back on topic:

- Fallout 4 (I hate this game with a passion. And it's my first Fallout game so I haven't had the chance to see the series at it's greatest. Eventually I'll pick up Fallout 3 and New Vegas.)

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@Macutchi said:

edit: sorry i thought the thread was most disappointing gamer

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Agree about Fallout 4. I absolutely loved the 1st 2 Fallout games and thought 3 was alright, but I can't stand all the settlement building in 4 and was very disappointing with the writing and story. Aside from the Silver Shroud mission I haven't seen anything creative and fun.

Doom 4 is really fun for me. When I want to blow off some steam it's just the perfect game.

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Not in games in particular but rather Square-Enix abandoning turn-based games in favor of real-time action ones except for Dragon Quest games(although SE aggressively promoted action-based spinoffs Builders and Heroes in the west), smartphone/tablet games and third party developers like Tokyo RPG Factory(although their most recent game Oninaki is an action-based). With FFXV and FFVII Remake using the same engine, I'm not expecting FFXVI to be turn-based either. Front Mission franchise unceremoniously killed off with Left Alive, a crappy Metal Gear Solid clone with also happen to be a glorified advertisement for World of Tanks. Sadly the SE fanboys still defending it to this day.

I was excited to hear that SE currently developing a spiritual descendant of Final Fantasy Tactics but it was quickly washed away when I learned it will be a smartphone/table exclusive and probably not getting an English server due to lack of demand outside Japan.

Talking about smartphones, there are many other once great games are getting dumbed down mobile versions such as Diablo, Splinter Cell and Commander Keen for examples. Greedy publishers and social media addicts are the most volatile, evil combination.

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Mass Effect Andromeda, Halo 5, Mafia 3 & Zelda BOTW... not saying they are downright bad games (I enjoyed them all to an extent), but I thought they'd be so much better.

And yes, I know I'm in the minority with BOTW, but it just wasn't my thing. I prefer my Zelda's to be more linear.

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The Witcher 3

Resident Evil 7

All of the WWE 2K games

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I'll try my best here. I am digging into the ol' memory banks a bit though.


  • Knack - The PS4 was touted with something that has been missing from Sony and Microsoft for ages - a lovable mascot launch title. And the gimmick sounded promising enough - a protagonist that can gather parts and grow in size, or let go of them to shrink back to overhead storage size. What transpired was extremely sub-par gameplay and a mildly entertaining Pixar-inspired story.
  • Infamous: Second Son - While I liked Delsin and his upbeat personality more than the irritatingly drab Cole (who is pretty much at fault for the entire series), and I enjoyed the game enough to complete it and play through the paper trail missions at the end, I walked away from the game feeling disappointed. Not that it wasn't a better game than the first two Infamous games, it definitely seemed to be a step up, but it was lame how a map that big can still feel so repetitive and devoid of things to do.
  • Escape Plan - Loved the game on Vita. It didn't transition over to PS4 as well. A lot was lost in the transfer.
  • Bloodborne - I liked Demon's Souls, so I thought I'd give this a try. After a couple of minutes I really wasn't getting into it, or liking it as much as the other game. It might not have been a bad game, I just don't think the setting or the new gameplay gimmicks interested me as much as Souls.
  • Dragon Quest Heroes - I knew some of the Dynasty Warriors games had been fun, and I'd heard good things about Hyrule Legends, so I was looking forward to Dragon Quest Heroes. ...And it turned out to be complete and utter crap! Turns out the only thing working for this game was the nostalgia of beloved DQ characters in full 3D, with voice-acting. The gameplay was horrible, and this is the game that I seriously regretted spending $60 for on the PS4.
  • Tearaway - I didn't actually play this game but got it for someone. I came to realize that I really don't like Media Molecule's games, and think they are kind of lame from a gameplay perspective. The disappointing thing is that this was praised as one of the better games on the Vita, but I never got around to buying it for that. I don't regret that now.

XBox One

  • Sunset Overdrive - There are still a lot of things I really liked about this game, but a lot of it was honestly the aesthetic. There wasn't a game quite like it that came before, and certainly none that had done punk so proud. The world was large, the humor was great, and the wacky assortment of over-the-top guns were cool. It's just that the keep-moving-and-constantly-grinding-on-rails style of gameplay that made SO very difficult to get into and stick with.
  • Crimson Dragon - I sat through the whole story and had a couple of dragons. The game just wasn't that fun, and the story was God-awful. It also messed with my ocd whenever I missed orbs in levels, and I did that a lot.
  • Dragon Age Inquisition - Not that it was a bad game, but it really wasn't drawing me in like Origins did. The party wasn't as likable, and the female partners weren't as good as in the first two. I was disappointed by my spells as a mage compared to in the first game also.
  • The Escapists - God it was awful. Regretted buying it more than Crimson Dragon.
  • Hand of Fate - I got it on sale, but I honestly thought the game would be more fun than it was based off of initial impressions. All of the areas you go to are tiny and cramped, and the gameplay is very dull.
  • Massive Chalice - Most of what Double Fine makes is gold, but this game where your heroes age and die and new heroes take their place wasn't really my thing.
  • Toy Soldiers: War Chest - I didn't mind the inclusion of the new armies, I just disliked Ubisoft's direction with the game. U-Play and other such unnecessary nonsense took focus away from making this the best sequel it could possibly be to two of the 360's greatest Arcade games.
  • PUBG - Yeah it really wasn't that good of a video game. Interesting premise, but the actual gameplay is slop.


  • Super Bomberman R - This ties the 360 game for worst Bomberman game I think. The cutscenes were kind of cute, and I liked how the characters all had different personalities. The game itself was overpriced and doesn't offer much for players.
  • Mr. Shifty - So sue me, I was intrigued by its similarities to the fantastic Hotline Miami games. This game is crap though, I regret buying it.
  • Tumbleseed - This game is actually really good, but is far too frustrating for myself and most other gamers to enjoy in general. It is a game designed for a very particular sort of gamer, I think. It just won't be as fun for anyone else.
  • Cosmic Star Heroine - Has some nifty ideas and a neat futuristic world, but the game looks and plays like it was made by amateurs. I like it well enough, but it's not that great.
  • The World Ends With You: Final Remix - This game suffers from terrible controls. You can play it with the broken joy-con aiming (if that is at all possible) in docked mode, or just play it handheld and touch the screen of your $300 game system in order to play. From what I'm told, the DS version still reigns supreme. Stay away from this poor port.


  • Pilotwings Resort - It was cool for showing off the system's 3D, but was largely a boring launch title.
  • Super Smash Bros. for 3DS - I remember thinking how cool SSB would be on a handheld. And it was kind of neat, but disappointing. Part of the issue was that the game had different stages than the console version, and some of the handheld stages were bland. Part of it was the controls.
  • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby - Ruby and Sapphire on their own are good games. Ruby and Sapphire remade over top of the Pokemon X and Y system isn't as good. It feels like more X and Y, but isn't as original as those games, nor is it as good as the games it's remaking.
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@storm_of_swords: The Witcher 3 couldn't hold attention either, started it but felt bored real quickly, MGS TTP held my attention for longer.

Fallout 4, disappointing as hell.

Every FIFA game nowadays is awful.

DOOM lacked atmosphere.

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Dragon Quest Heroes: Crap, cheap gameplay. Slimes irritating and punchable voice.

Final Fantasy XV: Incomplete storyline left me very disappointed.

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I also just want to add graphic downgrades in general it left a bad stain over this whole generation for me.

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The Order: 1886 - it could've been a great game, but it was shallow, short, and boring.

Far Cry 5 - Story and characters were just weak compared to 3 and 4

Infamous: Second Son - didn't bother playing twice cuz the otherwise great story falls apart with evil Delsin

No Man's Sky (pre-patch) - my god, it was boring!!!

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Im glad I'm not the only one that is noticing that DMC5 has problems...

1. DMC5 - bad level design, new characters are not interesting/or fun to play as...V in particular, lack of puzzles. The core gameplay is solid I give it that.

2. Fist of the North Star - I agree with TC's griefs, the combat is good but everything else feels lacking compared to Yakuza

3. Fallout 76 - Do I need to say anything?

4. Fallout 4 - I hate base building!!! I just want to shoot and explore! But if I don't base build I feel like I could ruin the story I want

5. Zelda BOTW - I hate climbing, I hate climbing, I hate climbing, I'm not a zelda fan nor have I played any other zelda games. Take that as you will


I've got more

6. MGSV - Base management....recruiting.....I can't stand this and it affects the ending

7. Order 1886 - short, shallow, boring

8. - Persona 5 - Good god this game had a 10 plus hour tutorial!!!! I played 12 hours and couldn't play any more.

Now I understand why people like some of these games, there are some great games on the list but they weren't for me.

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I have to add Metro Exodus to the list of big disappointments.

We were promised a huge, sprawling open world adventure in intricately detailed game world.

What we got was few barren maps with nothing to see in them, and painfully dull travel companions to ruin it even further.

Not a bad game, but painfully mediocre. I doubt I'll ever bother finishing it.

I think I'll trade it in for Rage 2 one of these days.

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Final Fantasy XV would probably be the main one for me. I really thought the story just dragged all the way through, and I never felt like I became attached to the characters. It's also got the worst hack n' slash combat I've ever played.

Persona 5 would be another one for me. I liked the additions to the combat, and the music was great. But there was way too much dialogue and it had too much "same old Persona" to it. Too many ideas were taken and re-used from the other games.