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Helloo there aaand I am back again with another list of games that I wanted to share with you. This time it's different for two reasons :

First, it's a list of Xbox games;

Second, I tried these games.

So I was looking for Xbox games, and as I use Xbox a lot and as I like my games, I'd like to share some of my favorites.

First off I found a list of games on sheeparcade titled "the best games to play on Xbox" and I honestly tried all the games on that list and they are all super good which is why I'd like to recommend them first.

I also checked another list on polygon titled "best Xbox games" and the reviews of all those games were good. Personally, I only tried Outer Wilds on Xbox a,d red dead redemption 2 on pc so I am not sure about how it would be on Xbox, but if it's the same then it's a dope must-try game.

That would be it for today, make sure to check the games and I hope you enjoy them. Also please leave comments down here if you recommend any other games! I'd be glad to have a couple of suggestions on my list