Wow a miracle happend! - ALL (!!!) Skyrim DLC for PS3 CONFIRMED!

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If you're capable of german:

If not use Google Translator or read this:

Skyrim's DLC is coming out for the PS3 in February. And no, it's NOT only Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Hearthfire will as well be available then, with 50 % off in the first week.

Took them long enough huh?

I'm myself a PC Skyrim Player, but as an owner of a PS3 as well this is certainly good news for Sony Fans! :)

Thought I'll just let you all know!

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Probably only 50% of it really works well so that price is about right. :P
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Sweet. Took 'em long enough.

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Enjoy being able to only adopt two kids, the buggy Dawnguard quest line that has no solutions available if you're above level 21 (I think that's as high as the highest level charm spell goes), enjoy Miraak and enjoy the new shouts that are only usable once a day. But seriously, Hearthfire is cool, but I'm disappointed I couldn't adopt ALL the kids. You can't even have more kids if you own all the houses and plots available. Sigh, I wanted my army of children. At least you get a choice of one out of three cool abilities with the addition of Dragonborn through *spoilers*, so there's that, even if all three DLC's are full of bugs. Enjoy, PS3 players. You somehow always get the short straw, huh, PS3..