Would you play an open world cosmic Marvel Comics game with char. creation, exploring the universe etc?

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This would be AWESOME. Just no cel shading as it would look too much like TellTale's GotG.

If this game came out I would buy it in a heartbeat. A true space opera equivalent of Skyrim, and sorry to say it, but f**k The Outer Worlds. It's just Fallout but with more sci-fi and no playable aliens. Yawn.

Anyway, here's some ideal mechanics in mind:

- You get to explore different worlds in the universe of Marvel Comics (Hala, Chandilar, Knowhere, etc).

- You create your own character from one of thirteen alien races featured in the comics: Kronan, Centaurian, Kree, Rajak, Mekkan, Kymellian, Sm'ggani, Shi'ar, Human, Rigellian, Pheragot, Nanda and M'Ndavians. Each race has their own useful attributes and weapons plus clothing that's exclusive based on the species. (Charter Federation Ring of Max Intelligence, etc).

- You can chat and receive quests from Cosmo the Space Dog. Russian accent included. Dope.

- You can as well choose to piss off or help the Nova Corps. They would ideally be as underpowered as they are in the now old MCU.

Any thoughts? Would this game even be a hot sell?

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Idk, find it out by yourself. Maybe, borrow some loans or get help from investors and rent up a studio. I don't know, maybe it will work out.

Game development is a tough job and costs A LOT of money.

Edit: Also, I don't think any dev is going to make that game unless you sell the idea but there is no guarantee. I think the only way to find out its good or not to is create it. Honestly, thinking a dev to create a game based a stranger's idea would most likely be a long stretch. So, instead of dreaming about games it would be natural just to create them if you want this to idea to come fruitation. I know how it feels because of personal experience. I have some game ideas too but I think that any dev making that idea a reality would a far stretch. So, why not take into your hands? :)

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Nope, but I'm not really a huge fan of American Super Hero flicks/media either so I'm not exactly the target audience.

Plus I cannot fathom that someone thinks we need moar dumb sandbox F2P garbage when it's a leaking cesspool as it is from the early 2000's.

Openworld games are finally starting to die down. And I for one welcome it.

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Sure. :)

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I don't think this could be easily accomplished, due to DC already having an MMO based in their universe. It would be interesting, though.

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Probably not. Batman will always be the only superhero I give a damn about.