Worth it to buy Wii U or not?

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Posted by Christiaan1996 (98 posts) -

I'm quite a big gamer and love the xbox 360, ps3, pc and even the ps2...I'd like to know if you guys would recommend the Wii U and I'd like to know if I can buy original Wii games and play them on the console...

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if you love it's games of course it's worth it, i got my WiiU just 2 months ago with Mario Kart 8.

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I recommend waiting until near the end of the year or at least until Super Smash Bros. for Wii U comes out and maybe get that along with other stuff. I do not know if you will like how the Nintendo Network ID account system is setup, but I rather leave that for you to decide and never post my opinions about it again. I can only recommend Super Mario 3D World to you, if you have someone else to play it with or you do not mind playing a multiplayer based game by yourself. I did not feel I be able to enjoy Super Mario 3D World without multiplayer.

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Do you enjoy Nintendo games? If no, then it's not for you.

And yes, the console is FULLY backwards compatible with all Wii games and peripherals.

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#5 Posted by VERTIGO47 (6909 posts) -

If you enjoy Nintendo games, by all means go for it.

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@christiaan1996: buy the wii u, if you cant afford a PS4, hyrule warriors, super smash bros., and even the new Zelda game looks awesome.

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#7 Posted by fatee (371 posts) -

Wait until either a new model comes out or a new bundle (smash bros etc) comes along with the game you want.
Wii U is definitely the console to get if you enjoy local co-op.

Unless you have a burning desire to buy an Wii U now - in which case, many retailers have it on sale every month or so as of late.

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Well, the Wii U currently has a pretty good library compared to the other consoles. A library with DKC:TF, SM3DW, W101, ZombiU, MK8, WWHD, and Pikmin is pretty nice. If those titles sound good to you, then get it. Best part is that because the Wii U was almost dead until recently, you can find pretty amazing titles like Wonderful 101 and ZombiU for 10 dollars in bargain bins.

If you decide to get a Wii U soon, I'd recommend getting a Nintendo direct refurb, grabbing Mario Kart 8 while it still comes with a free game (ends July 31), then getting ZombiU and Wonderful101 plus a wii mote, if you don't already have one, from amazon on the cheap. Comes out to ~$300 before tax/shipping for a Wii U, another controller to play with a friend, and 4 really good games to play. That's pretty much one of the best deals in gaming currently, provided you don't dislike all of those titles.

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#9 Posted by RimacBugatti (1632 posts) -

@christiaan1996: I'm with you on the PS2 for sure as is the other consoles. What's the word on Nintendo's new console?