Witcher 2 ee, found dev/glitch weapon diagram: wight

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OMG this weapon diagram is beastly, it looks like a dev weapon or glitch, the pic it has for mine is a square w red, blue n pink. heres the stats for the sword: WIGHT silver sword,52-57 damage , damage reduction on block +20, stun 7% damage dealt to gargoyals +10%, Damage dealt to large monsters +15%, adrenalin generation on hitting foe +1. Components required 6x iron ore, 10x silver ore, 2xtimber, 1x draugir claws, 4x nekker teeth. im playing on xbox 360 enhanced edition, im in the first act and i dont know where i got this, has any one else seen this?
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here is a pic of it
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Is this weapon called Eclipse? I ask this because i go a weapon diagram like this when i was still in chapter 1 also on the xbox 360 version of the game.