Witcher 2 Act 2 main quests confusion

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Can someone explain how the 2 main quests The Eternal Battle and The Blood Curse are connected? Afaik there are 2 curses, the curse on Henselt and the curse of the soldiers battling. Am I right?

I know this much. To get some medallion from Henselt I need to lift the blood curse which Sabrina put on him. I need to lift the Eternal Battle curse to get to the other side, but Dethmold gave me an amulet which helps me to get to the other side. If I can get to the other side without lifting the Eternal Battle, why do I need lift the Eternal Battle curse?

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Just the way it is. You need to get the items for the great exorcism on the king. Getting them takes ages, especially as the dwarven tunnels are pain in the butt. Once you got them ,and get the exorcism right, the curse of the battlefield is gone too.

The exorcism does not lift the curse on the battlefield. The fact that the battlefield curse does get lifted is just a bonus linked to the main exorcism where you free the king.

So, you really need to get all the ritual pieces together and so on. It's a chore, but there is no choise in it.