Wind of Luck - a true pirate MMO

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This is a kind of announcement, so please excuse me for some "marketing" wording , we are just trying to spread the word of our game, and it is really great, even in beta stage. I think that open beta will take place in September-October 2012. A new massively multiplayer online game, Wind of Luck ( , developing by Trazzy Entertainment (, will take you to the golden age of piracy fascinating endless seas, gold caravans, fierce corsairs and full freedom you can rob and plunder, trade and explore, questing and fighting, take sides and change your allegiance, trick and be tricked, save a governors daughter or kidnap her and sell to slave-trader, rob a caravan and be attacked by royal fleet, hunt other pirates (even issue a bounty for their heads), loot old sunken ships for treasures, make and use false money, etc etc... The game reflects the atmosphere of anarchy, familiar to us from the adventure stories of the golden age of piracy, when every captain was a man for himself and fortune of adventurer depended on his ability to cope with the ship and crew. Fierce fights, treasure fleets, secret missions, boardage, abandoned ships, distant islands, mysteries, "black marks", privateering, bounty hunters, notorious corsairs, corrupt governors, smugglers, powerful trading companies, kidnapping and ransom all essential elements of pirates theme will accompany the player and affect the world around him.
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I am all for advertising and all, but this is a GW2 forums/topic area and its pretty crappy to be advertising under the GW2 subject matter. I love the news of another MMO or RPG but give it a rest and take your announcement somewhere were ppl actually care.
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i'll give it a go once it's open.