will we maybe see 2d done very well now?

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hm, that part about using some kind of cell shading in conjunction with some kind of way to make 3d models appear flattened, as in 2d, that's exactly what i was thinking about for a gameidea i had a couple of years ago, but then again, it's a natural step to take: to try and find a way to make 3d look 2d... i guess they're also trying to figure out ways to make the simpson characters look handdrawn, for example mouth animation looks a certan way, and get the "not perfect geometry feel" to it, and yeah, some things aren't just animated in a realistic way when doing handdrawn animation...

a really good example of 2d done well is of course that zelda game, and i don't know if anything was not right, i haven't played it more than 10 minutes maybe... but ive seen some clip of a geometry wise pretty complicated boss, that, maybe because it had complicated geometry, didn't look 2d enough, but it still looked great, and actually, in some way u could say that the boss looking like something inbetween 2d and 3d made it looked more menacing, so maybe it was a conscious decision. and i mean, i guess those "orcs" in the game have pretty complicated geometry and they look 2d, so i guess that game worked really well... why haven't nintendo done more 2d games like that after zelda? it didn't sell huge in japan? but it sold well didn't it?

oh well...

here's hoping for better times or something... i don't know...