Wildman: An "Evolutionary" Action RPG

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Hey - Just found this new RPG from Chris Taylor - maker of the original Dungeon Seige Check it Out http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gaspoweredgames/wildman-an-evolutionary-action-rpg https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/000/337/536/e30b121c4fae4011437e6dba02b3adfd_large.png?1358120885 Wildman delivers an action-role-playing experience that only a developer like Gas Powered Games can deliver. Think of it as a spiritual successor to our classic PC game Dungeon Siege, with a twist. This is what Wildman is all about: Explore the World: Go on RPG Adventures in amazing and epic environments; discover secret dungeons; fight battles against rampaging hordes of monsters; find and equip new weapons and armor. Evolve or Die: Steal technology from your defeated opponents and use it against them in future battles. Smash and Destroy: Advanced physics and destructible environments deliver highly visceral (and bloody) combat. Go to War: Build your army and fight against opposing champions armies for great rewards in hand-crafted War Zones. Imagine a game where you control a single hero the Wildman dropped into the middle of a War Zone. The battle starts. Your own army begins to engage the approaching enemy. You support your troops with your own combat abilities and skills. You shape-shift into new forms that grant you new abilities. You upgrade your armies with new technology. You construct defenses. Your opponent switches tactics; you reconfigure your army to counter. You push the enemy back to their citadel, their home base. You face your opponents champion. You each rally your troops for support. You execute your special abilities with precision. Your opponent is devastated. You survey the battlefield: the bodies strewn on the ground, the trees burned down and smoldering, the buildings turned to rubble. You collect your rewards. You evolve. Victory is yours. For now. Now imagine that between these War Zone battles you can go on role-playing adventures. You can explore fantastical environments. You can discover ancient dungeons full of mystery and treasure. You can earn new skills. You can discover and equip new weapons and armor. You can collect materials. You can craft new items. You can fight relentless onslaughts of men and monsters. Wildman has fast-paced combat and deep role-playing that rewards strategic thinking. The more you play, the greater your power. Wildman represents the union of our experience working on pure RPG and RTS games, and were pulling some of the best features from our past games into the Wildman experience. From Dungeon Siege: The core action-RPG experience. Equip weapons and gear, cast spells. Fight monsters. Level-up. Find loot. From Supreme Commander: The core RTS experience. Create armies. Explore a tech tree that lets you customize your hero and armies. Adjust your strategy on-the-fly. From Demigod: You dont fight alone in Wildman. Waves of allies fight alongside you in the War Zones as you push the battle ahead, seize key control points, and destroy the enemy citadels. Wildman is exciting because its something new, but its also reminiscent of these games weve made and loved. We want to make this game, and we have the right people to do it.