Why Is Square Enix So Reluctant To Show Tifa In FF7 Remake?

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We now have a new trailer for the FF7 remake, and they STILL haven't shown Tifa. Anyone else find this kinda worrying?

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They got rid of the boobs, probably.


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@pyro1245 said:

They got rid of the boobs, probably.


Unlikely. She had them in Dishidia NT

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Sony's new censorship policies. Get over with it.

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They have now. ;)

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The game will allow us to make Tifa wallpapers for our PS4. For as you know, you can use your screenshots as wallpapers these days on PS4.

Cannot wait. Should be loads better than the lacklustre DMC.

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Idk, seems like they showed her.

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Well they finally showed her now and she looks great.

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Yeah I was gonna say - they did

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During the E3 conference they did show her and in action.

It was very nice.