why havent they made a fps gta yet

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a fps gta style game the running driveing flying talking swiming all of it start to end fps.........
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I don't think a first person view would work as well with a GTA style game. at least not for Rockstar's game. Maybe they'll add an option for the next installment?
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This is not a good idea because you must be able to see around you more than in a FPS.
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not saying gta or saints row just that type of game.

I think it would be a more hart stoping, especials the chase or getaway interaction. when the camera views you from away from you its easy to feal disconected from whats going on and becomes kind of bla.........


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no i do see what you are saying and it is corect for a therd person stand point to see around and over stuff it take the edg off the skill aspect but dulls down the game playin doing so, sure you still have a level of skill to pass some parts of a game like that.

but for fps fans it would add one more game type other then just cod4,rainbow six,battlefield3 and other such games

well on that note to how about first person sports games?

iv loved gta and saints row and games like them im not nocken them its just why not add a new point of view to the evilution of these typs of games and how there played?