Why haven't you bought a next gen console (yet)?

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#1 Posted by psx2514 (425 posts) -

If you HAVE bought a next gen console, obviously this thread doesn't apply to you. If you haven't bought a next gen console (yet), I'm curious to know what your reasons are. My reasons, in no particular order are, price (I can wait a few years for a massive price drop), lack of money, I already have plenty of games that I haven't finished or even started yet, and I'm just really not interested because I don't like the direction that gaming is heading (for instance, I don't like how the majority of games are trying to be like interactive movies rather than games).

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#2 Posted by Namgis (3592 posts) -

Still waiting to get a next gen machine. Reason? Too many games left to play on my PS3. There really is no reason to buy a console within it's first 1-2 years after launch anyways. I don't need the latest and greatest tech the minute it hits shelves. When I do enter next gen, I'll be able to pick up all the notable titles on the cheap.

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#3 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (22038 posts) -

As a PC gamer, I buy consoles mainly for exclusives. Those that I like usually amount to several handfuls. So, I wait until there's enough exclusives before pouncing.

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#5 Posted by SlyRoxas97 (59 posts) -

I want a PS4 so much, but I don't have the money.

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#7 Edited by yngsten (453 posts) -

I don't need a console right now I have a high end gaming rig and all my friends play on PC too, might get a ps4 late in the cycle if there are enough console exclusives to die for, like TLOU or RDR. Other than that I still have a backlog on my PS3 and just ordered a new dualshock 2 for my PS2, gonna play SOCOM I, II and III.

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#8 Posted by Rtzon (25 posts) -

I built a PC and now I don't have any money left to spend. I'll probably pick up a next gen console in the next few years if it seems viable.

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#9 Posted by Aquat1cF1sh (11094 posts) -

My backlog is huge, especially for my Gamecube. Just played Resident Evil 4 for the first time. Plus the 3DS has a TON of great games out for it that I have yet to play. And also I'm probably buying a PS3 in the near future so that'll entertain me for a while too.

None of the main consoles out right now have any games out now that are absolute must-haves.

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#10 Posted by Ariabed (2121 posts) -

Waiting for that nex gen gameplay and not just improved graphics.

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#11 Posted by gpuFX16 (1296 posts) -

Money. Well that, and I'm not one to buy new hardware early. There's simply not enough software available yet, and there's still stuff on the previous generation consoles that I haven't gotten to.

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#12 Posted by Jacanuk (11573 posts) -

@psx2514 said:

If you HAVE bought a next gen console, obviously this thread doesn't apply to you. If you haven't bought a next gen console (yet), I'm curious to know what your reasons are. My reasons, in no particular order are, price (I can wait a few years for a massive price drop), lack of money, I already have plenty of games that I haven't finished or even started yet, and I'm just really not interested because I don't like the direction that gaming is heading (for instance, I don't like how the majority of games are trying to be like interactive movies rather than games).

I decided against buying and saved the cash and the reason is simple, X1 and PS4 doesnt have any reason at all to buy either of them, no games, no features and nothing that would convince me i need to have one right now, my PC is still running great with its titan and the X360 and Ps3 still have plenty of games for it.

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#13 Posted by SoNin360 (6688 posts) -

Plenty to play as is. There's a decent handful of games I want to play on the PS4, especially inFamous SS, but I think it will still be another few months at least before I really look into buying one.

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#14 Posted by david61983 (288 posts) -

No good games yet, and I'm still on the fence about which console to get although leaning towards the PS4. However, you could get an Xbone with Fozra for $400 shipped yesterday at Amazon and that was tempting. If MS can get it close to the $300 mark by Black Friday that just might push me to the Xbone.

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#15 Posted by Ballroompirate (25826 posts) -

Waiting for a price drop and a few more games to be released.

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#16 Edited by tobiaskarlsson (25 posts) -

i havent bought (PS4) yet because: There doesnt seem to be much game value as of yet. I am getting it though in May. When Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs comes out. Also will be buying BF4, InFamous.

Xbox era is over for me. Time to headover to the best gaming platform

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#17 Posted by HipHopBeats (2850 posts) -

A couple of reasons for me.

One, I'm waiting for the next few waves of PS4 consoles to pass, maybe even a PS4 Slim before buying. I refuse to be a Day One guinea pig like last gen's PS3 Fat owners who fell victim to the Light Of Death error.

Also, I'm waiting for a collection of worthwhile games to play on PS4, mainly good exclusives. Second Son is a start, but not enough to convince me to buy a PS4. I'm also not a fan of all this multiplayer, social gaming bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I love a good multiplayer, but this new gen seems to be geared towards more multiplayer with micro transactions and less single player games.

Last but not least, I am still enjoying my PS3 backlog and plan to pick up a few more 7th gen games I missed out on.

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#18 Posted by GiantAssPanda (1885 posts) -

Will most likely buy mine (PS4) before summer. No hurry though. I still have a backlog of games on PC & PS3..

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#20 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (20877 posts) -

They both fucked up the launch = no games.

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#21 Posted by moleman388 (351 posts) -

A few reasons.

1.All my best friends haven't done the jump to new gen.

2.Not enough titles to entice me.

3.I'm not willing to pay the price it is now (waiting for a little price drop, i know it won't drop much from now).

4.I'm away for the summer and won't be back till October.

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#22 Posted by sam-jay (68 posts) -

one of the reasons aside from waiting the price to drop, i don't want to buy a next gen than you find out that there is a problem with the first waves of ps4s or xb1 like some technical prblms, heating. it happened with the release of ps3.

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#23 Posted by udUbdaWgz1 (633 posts) -

first, I despise the trends of console gaming and will not support anti-consumerism and mediocre games. I am done with console gaming and will be returning to the superior form called pc gaming. with pc's I can install mods that fix and eliminate and improve upon the shoddy work of the devs/pubs. screw em.

second, I have enough games to play and buy for my 360 that will last me, literally, until the day I die.

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#24 Posted by Bigboi500 (35550 posts) -

I bought a PS4 three months after launch, and the only game so far to take advantage of the new gen power is Infamous: Second Son. ACIV looked much better on PS4 than last gen systems and a few PS+ titles have been fun, but I can easily see why people would want to wait for better libraries.

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#25 Posted by RimacBugatti (1632 posts) -


I'm sorry that you don't have the money. I hope something works out really soon for you! :)

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#26 Posted by shellcase86 (3312 posts) -

I was personally waiting for the PS4 to become more "capable," however, I was gifted with a PS4 recently. Still had plenty to play on PS3.

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#27 Edited by spaceninja818 (425 posts) -

Current selection of games is still limited. By the time the library improves, the current version of consoles will start crapping out and there will probably be better and more reliable version of each console available.

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#28 Posted by hellangel_boy (180 posts) -

my reasons:

1-I still need to buy some things first before I buy a PS4.

2-Still have A LOT of games to play on my PS3. I've just bought Dark Souls 2, and I still want to buy many great games on the PS3 that I still haven't play, and I have got a lot of game from PS+ that I really want to play first.

I have heard about reasonable bundle for PS4 here, though. So if I find a really good deal, I just might buy it.

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#29 Posted by Danyawesomsauce (115 posts) -

The main reason I haven't bought one yet is cause I'm currently saving up to build my own PC. That, and I'd have to buy an HD-TV so I could play it, and I'm not getting a new TV just for that.

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#30 Posted by tjsmoke63 (45 posts) -

Mostly due to finances, but just not enough games have my interest to make the jump yet. Probably will wait until 2015. The PS4 should have a nice selection of games to choose from by then.

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#31 Posted by kingcrimson24 (824 posts) -

1. I'm too busy with collage until summer so not much time to game anyway . (well that's a personal reason )

2. None of my favorite Next gen games are released ( like Halo , Witcher 3 , Destiny ...)

3. only a few of my friends have bought next gen

4. Still many Amazing big games that i missed on xbox 360 ( Including Gears of war series , Alan wake , Dark souls , Portal 2 )

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#32 Posted by 1PMrFister (3134 posts) -

Too pricey, not enough games I want, and I have too much to play at the moment. I also want to invest in a gaming PC soon.

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#33 Posted by MasterTankallex (115 posts) -

Waiting for more games. What's the point of having a next-gen system if you have nothing to play on it?

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#34 Posted by Pffrbt (6612 posts) -

I have a Wii U because it actually seems to have games worth getting that I can't get elsewhere. So far the PS4 and Xbone have nothing and seem to be getting nothing for the entirety of 2014.

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#35 Posted by Cloud_imperium (14291 posts) -

Not a single interesting game for me .

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#36 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25834 posts) -

I'm sitting on about 15 unfinished/unplayed games and that's without Dark Souls II. I usually wait until a console is at least a year old anyways.

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#37 Posted by psx2514 (425 posts) -

It looks like most of you share the same reasons as me. The one that stood out for me was having a backlog of games. What's the point of buying new games, let alone a new console, when you haven't even fully experienced the games you already own?

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#38 Posted by cfisher2833 (2150 posts) -

I have a PC that performs better, and none of the console exclusives interest me enough to justify spending $400-500 on them.

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#39 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20397 posts) -

well, i haven't bought an XB1 because i don't have any interest in microsoft consoles. their vision for gaming doesn't match what i want and the price of the XB1 in particular is unjustifiably high.

i'll get a PS4 fairly soon though. i haven't been in a big hurry so far because i've been working temporary jobs on and off so it didn't seem prudent to drop $400 for the sake of being an early adopter when my income was inconsistent. my employment situation has changed though so that won't be a factor anymore. still, it has been nice to let the library fill out a bit and to see that there does not appear to be any major defects with the console design. even more than that, we're still in that limbo period of publishers not quite wanting to let go of the big user bases of the previous generation.

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#40 Posted by CTR360 (8369 posts) -

i buy ps4 next month with infamous SS and watch dogs i hope have enough money next year and buy xbox one

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#41 Posted by 187umKILLAH (1414 posts) -

The main reason is lots of games still to play and no decent next gen games I want, secondary reason is affordability as I'm saving up to buy another PS3 console after my old one stopped playing discs. If PS4 had B/C I would have had bought it sooner but now I'll happily wait a year or two, I still think it kind of sucks having to pay just to play online too.

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#42 Posted by mjorh (6742 posts) -

No significant exclusives so no console !

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#43 Posted by Master_Of_Fools (1651 posts) -

You mean CURRENT GEN. And I have a Wii U.

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#44 Edited by BattleSpectre (7989 posts) -

Well I have both an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and I can tell you all right now you're not missing out on much, wait a bit. To be perfectly honest I'm gaming much more on my PS3 compared to everything else, in fact I could probably get rid of my XB1/PS4 tomorrow and not miss them, there's so many great games I haven't played or missed on my PS3.

You guys are smart by waiting for more games to be released, if I could go back I would have done the same thing.

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#45 Edited by Pikminmaniac (11185 posts) -

I intend to get a PS4, but haven't due to a lack of content. When Batman Arkham Knight comes out this year, it'll pretty much single handedly push me to pick one up though. I'll also pick up inFAMOUS SS at that point.

I already have a Wii U because it has some extremely strong content right now, interesting features, and a promising library in the near future.

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#46 Edited by Gr0wl (311 posts) -

Give me two reasons as to WHY should I buy one ?

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#47 Edited by Ballroompirate (25826 posts) -

Waiting for more games for the PS4, waiting on X, LoZ and Bayonetta 2 for the Wii-U along with a price drop. I also just spent $991 on a new computer so I don't have the money for a next gen console.

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#48 Posted by BlackGenjii (256 posts) -

@psx2514 said:

I already have plenty of games that I haven't finished or even started yet, and I'm just really not interested because I don't like the direction that gaming is heading (for instance, I don't like how the majority of games are trying to be like interactive movies rather than games).

I too don't like the direction games are going or how they're trying to be like interactive movies. Let movies be movies and let games be games.

It's nice to see someone else in this high-tec crazy world who isn't quick to jump ahead like everyone else is.

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#49 Posted by huerito323 (1431 posts) -

The simple answer is Dark Souls 2.

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#50 Posted by Qixote (10843 posts) -

It's all about the games. And there simply is a poor selection of games worthy of next-gen hardware. Wake me up in another year for another check.