Why do you play video games?

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#51 Posted by taylor12702003 (249 posts) -

I play games to relax and escape for a little while from some of the problems and negativity I deal with occasionally in the real world.

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@davillain-: I totally agree with your answer. I feel the same way. Reality sucks sometimes, ppl suck sometimes, work sucks all the time and video games is a great escape from all of that.

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I play when I'm bored but I guess sometimes also to get me away from the daily life hassles too

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#55 Posted by DarkTower (198 posts) -

Gaming is fun hobby. I don't really game to relax since most of my games are intense shooters / stealth. But I do think gaming is a great way to pass the time, escape reality for a couple hours, and just learn new things. Some games have good stories, so if I don't feel like reading book I'll just play Witcher 3 or something.

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#56 Posted by reifresca (350 posts) -

Mostly for fun, but there have been times when I played games just out of habit or because I didn't have much else to do.

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#57 Posted by Randy46 (6 posts) -

I've been playing video games since 1981. The first video game that I played was the Phoenix arcade machine. I play video games because they're fun.

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#58 Posted by StrandedSail (9 posts) -

My father bought a colecovision for the family when I was four years old... I immediately fell in love.

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#60 Posted by adaliadella (3 posts) -

Improves problem-solving skills

Enhances memory

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To entertain myself and escape reality. If it's a game that let's you build or create Ilike to see where my imagination takes me.

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#62 Posted by Starshine_M2A2 (5176 posts) -

Escapism. I find real life incredibly difficult and real people incredibly irritating.

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Honestly, i like it as ways to socialize, something to talk and debate about, give me a rush, research, look forward to, collect... and kill time :)

Music is my #1 thing to love listening to and think about and play. Games give me variety in my life and social circles.

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#65 Posted by Speeny (1774 posts) -

Cuz I like em.

In all honesty, mostly for the escapism. It keeps my mind occupied. Time really flys by when you’re invested in a good game.

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#66 Posted by Hinata2 (20 posts) -

for someone who learned almost everything from gaming, i would say i play to learn.

I dont know if its hate from my childhood when my mom refuses to teach me 1+1 in kindergarten, this really left a big hole in my heart, but after knowing some games card games at that time, i learned math without the help of people around me, until i am more than average skill in math become an advanced

this lesson really taught me how hard living is, and from that day i always told myself

"someday i would erase humanity" -hahaha such a dark past but icant really just erased it like that

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#67 Posted by DaddyDaughterKI (13 posts) -

@theredfox: I play video games for a multitude of reasons. I'll just give you the top three for time sake!

1 - They scratch my creative itch.

2 - To detox from everyday stresses

3 - Another way to spend time with friends who aren't exactly close

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#68 Posted by ocphon (184 posts) -

For adventure, exploration, story, skills, collecting items and some times I just want to blow things up. :D

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Would like to provide a nice answer: I like to appreciate the creativity of others; experience immersion in different times, places, and timelines; have good-natured fun. All these things are true, by the way.

I'd like to argue it's a fond hobby, and it is, but more likely than not it is because I have a slight addiction.

There are a lot of other things I would honestly rather do--read, lift weights, cook a nice meal, be more social, to name a few--but video games are just so damn available, easy, and cheap.

I guess I am lucky, though; instead of doing drugs or being a drunk, I'm fat and play video games *shrug*

@the1truepatriot said:
@theredfox said:


I play games to fix my crippling depression.

That's a temporary fix, unfortunately; I usually a more depressed after a gaming session. Definitely takes your mind off things while you are playing, though.

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#71 Posted by FanboyMcTroll (274 posts) -

I play video games to escape from the monotony of a 9-5 desk job. Sure I have switched jobs, I have switched companies but in the end it's still a 9-5 job. I don't drink, I don't gamble, I don't do drugs, all I do is work and spend time with my family. Gaming is my escape from reality and boredom.

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#73 Posted by jaimd (8 posts) -

For me its the way to escape my depressing life :) no job,no degree at the age of 24,

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#74 Posted by Alex074 (1 posts) -

I play for fun and for money!! XD

I mean.. i'm already playing right? so why not make money from it..

So if u found this interesting, there you go: http://bit.ly/2GVnm3y

Hope i helped!

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#75 Posted by VRFriends (19 posts) -

Sometimes relaxes me and switches me off for example the VR content. It is good to play games and feel like a child sometimes but don't do it too much can be addicting.

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#77 Posted by haroldcoates (14 posts) -

I prefer to play old games. In this way, I can remember my childhood. Also, it is a good way to spend some time after a hard-working day. Just now I am playing all games of Mario using online simulator https://emulatorgames.online/games/mario. Playing them in the order as it is provided on the website. But sometimes I like to play the latest PC games but it is hard to impress me. Retro games are the best.

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@haroldcoates: Don’t bump old threads especially with your spam.

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#79 Posted by Megavideogamer (6498 posts) -

Why do I play videogames? There once was a time when I couldn't stand videogames. But I tried one day and decided that I liked playing. Now I await Playstation 5. I play because gaming is fun. Gaming helps with focus. Hand eye co-ordination. Fast reflexes. And sometimes to "Escape" only when I can't go the the Movies to "Escape" not really since gaming requires much concentration and not best suited for escape.

The 1977-1983 era of Atari gaming was not interesting enough for me. Played mostly coin operated arcade games once in a while until 1986. Then I found a game I really liked. Also at this time The Nintendo Entertainment System started to hit it's stride. Having launched in October 18th 1985. Once 1986 rolled around Home videogames started to become more interesting and complex. plus Nintendo's cross key a.k.a The D pad helped with proper controls for games. The controllers for Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision were just awful.

But there once was a time. when gaming I didn't really hold my interest. Until 1986, now for next year 2020 Playstation 5 is a day one purchase. So I game because I discovered that I liked it.

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#80 Posted by livingdeadman (213 posts) -

For insight. A lot of these games test my emotional intelligence and I learned basic ethics from them.

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#81 Posted by Raining51 (1124 posts) -

Once upon a time they were just different and less depressing basically then mainstream media TV/Movies.

I watch plenty of movies then and now and also a fair amount of TV but video games were different and had different styles and stuff that I'd never seen before.

It's all animated and things like that pixelated however and that meant it all felt different even now I'll sit down to watch TV

and suddenly get anxious or antsy and go... gosh but I could be exploring a totally different video game universe right now

which would be really cool and unique.

They're just different from other stuff, period.

Lately I realized a lot of games I liked were Japanese and/or related in some ways to anime , which made me rethink whether

I really wanted to still be playing video games since you are sitting down and punching all these buttons anime you just get

to watch and a lot of the time they're similar characters etc.

But honestly even with that I think video games are still unique, if for no other reason then that they're always pushing technological boundaries.

Anime hasn't changed much you can still watch anime on VHS and it compares well with DVD and/or Blu Ray even...

Meanwhile every generation of video games even if you take the content of the video games out is something new, ehther

it's a new form of storage, a new form of technology or rendering or something, advanced graphics, sound, pehraps just

faster processing, a different visual approach to the machine itself.

Back in the day I remember watching a lot of technology threads basically in gaming magazines because there wasn't an

online forum situation that I remember. Essentially all of the excitement ws was around what the newe machine could go, I would say the games in some ways were intended to support that and not the other way around.

But video games are evolving also and I don't know what matters most even but I definitely still think it's cool to get that

new machine and kinda marvel at the cool new ideas in it.

I'm pretty picky in some ways I wasn't impressed with the 3DS and the graphics idea of 3D there I've never been crazy

attached to 3D but you never know perhaps one day or something.

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#82 Posted by BigCat2K20 (362 posts) -

I play video games for two reasons: challenging experience & escaping from reality.