Why do people like Crash 3 better than 2? Also,favorite Crash PSX games. Top 5

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Ok, now, Crash Bandicoot 3 i considered to be one of the best games in the series, and one of all time. This makes no sense to me. I am not saying Crash Bandicoot 3 sucks, but Crash bandicoot 2 was an unbelievable exprience. 1.There was so much content and so much to explore. So much hidden goodies, and so many hidden routes. many areas had connections to other completely different areas and the secret warproom, something that never was brought back technically. 2.The intial difficulty for just collecting the crystals was actually quite challenging with percision platforming and cool moves and mixing in surfing with jetpacks and polar bears oh my. But getting the gems was terrific, From precise platforming, to figuring out fast paced puzzles, to time limits requiring knowing the layout, the satisfaction when obtaining a gem, and the secret ending. 3.The only way to really beat Crash Bandicoot 2 is to get all the required Gems and Crystals for the REAL ending(unlike Crash 1 and to a lesser extend Crash 3.) as unlike other sequels Crash games place the game right at the point where you beat the last game. In the first game the secret ending requiring to get all the gems, which was tedious, is not the actual ending and seems tacked on to me anyway. Crash bandicoot 3? Not really either, although that game was not as tediously difficult as Crash 1 but hey. 4.Best boss battles, all are more memorable, Tiny is much more remembered here as is Ripper Roo and don't forget N-Gin. 5.Best soundtrack in the game, and the "water" levels do not suffer the fate or criticism most get in other games. 6.So many interconnected levels and secret paths that connect to different parts and separate bonus stages make this Cras the least Linear of all the PSX Crash platformer and GAMES EXCEPT CTR of course. 7.Many more options and better stage design. Crash Bandicoot 3 however, is often regarded as the lord of platformers, especially in the Crash series. How? 1.There is barely any secret content or interconnected levels having much more linearity. 2.Infact, adding to the above, most stages don't have much to stop you from just holding up or right while occasionally pushing jump. The game is way to easy with not even near enough challenge. 3.The relic room is partially pointless as you can actually miss 5 and still get the secret ending, as if they know you'd be giving up on the tediousness required to get all gems and relics at that point. 4.The non-platforming segments are implemented terribly other than possibly the Tiger. The Jet Ski stages are oddly designed and the controls are not tight, whether you are good at it or not, the Motorbike controls are god awful especially after hitting a speed boost. But in general it's not a very responsive vehicle. The plane stages are pretty darn bad, like it's done better in WOC type bad. where at least there it was tolerable. The A.i> is insane, the guns do not fire straight, the plane is slow to react causing the stages to be longer than they should but the A.I. has much better aim. Even if you are good at dodging the tedious long time it takes to kill all, and if you want the gem at the same time, which also requires winning, is just ugh. 5.The Warproom music is catchy, and for some reason ended up being called the main thee of crash, but to be honest I find the Ma theme of the first game, all variations of the overworld themes in CTR, Crash Bash's warproom, and definately Crash2's warproom to be much much better. Also the remixes in the Bonus stages are very good, however, 2 had a lot more variety, but I do like 3's bonus stage music better than both of ones, although close all 3 of them. 6.IMO Crash 2 had way better music. 7.The bosses in 3 are harder with some exceptions, however for some of these the difficulty is not the Boss but the patience. N.trophy I can see how it could be challenging to the person, and I will say the Cortex final boss here is the best Final Boss of the 3 platformers and Bash. The music is the best cortex theme to. 8.All the secret paths are mostly clearly visible and also at times show you how to get them. Some are pretty useless. Unlike Crash 2, which is one of the few games that actually rewards you for thinking outside the damn box. for example, when you notice that in all the chase stages in Bandicoot 2, the rock/bear always breaks all tiles of the wood bridges, but this one time it doesn't. I wonder what would happen if I jump in or try to go backwards? BAM secret warproom connecting you to a part of another level you could not see before. Or HEY, I usually avoid these, but i wonder what would happen if i try to kill this one enemy in this isolated platform? BAM. They actually want you to use what's in your mind, which is why lots of people did not need even a guide to get all the gems in 2 because their heads were right there. So many secrets in that game and hidden passages in the same level. Heck, people clearly skip that body slam floor in the first level still to this day. 9.They took away slid spinning if not mistaken. 10.Platnium relics are not worth it, it may be for a bit of fun or with friends but otherwise it seems pointless, same with gold. Gold had more relevance in Crash Bash at least. 11.Way more repeated music, level design, enemies, and obstacles. Crash 2 had a lot more variety, and longer levels in a lot of cases, and larger levels as well. From getting chased by Bee's and having to use the floor as strategy, to using a wake board and tiing ramp jumps, to flying with a Jetpack an waiting for the floating scientist to de-electrify, and a lot of other things both 1 and 2 had that 3 pretty much removed. Maybe that's why people like 3, it's casualized(Gamespot word for it.) similar to M64 except more of a platformer. Personally I think WOC is what 3 should have been but of course, the bosses had to be different so I am slightly upset it's literally Crunch every single time, but AT THE SAME TIME, those bosses were much more fun. So where the stages. Also the Music. 3 is still a great game though. For me the PSX QUALITY order goes like this: 1.Crash Team Racing 2.Crash Bandicoot 2 3.Crash Bandicoot 4.Crash Bandicoot 3 5.Crash Bash The MUSIC order goes like this: 1.Crash bandicoot 2 2.Crash bash 3.Crash Bandicoot 4.Crash Team Racing 5.Crash Bandicoot 3 The CONTENT order goes like this: 1.Crash Team Racing 2.Crash Bandicoot 2 3.Crash bandicoot 3 4.Crash bash 5.Crash Bandicoot The REPLAY VALUE goes like this: 1.Crash Bandicoot 2 2.Crash Bandicoot 3.Crash Team Racing 4.Crash bandicoot 3 5.Crash Bash. The IMMERSION goes like this: 1.Crash Team Racing 2.Crash Bandicoot 3.Crash Bandicoot 2 4.Crash Bandicoot 3 5.Crash bash. This is my point of view.
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I didn't know there were people so into crash bandicoot.
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The TC's posting style seems VERY familiar...

Personally, I enjoyed the Crash Bandicoot games in the order they were realeased in. I like the first one the most, the 2nd one next, the 3rd one after that, and finally The Wrath of Cortex. I haven't played Twinsanity, yet.

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I actully enjoyed Crash Team Racing more in the series even tough that one was a spin-off title. Crash Bandicoot 2 would have to be my second favourite in the series

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The TC's posting style seems VERY familiar...


I'm noticing.

You're not fooling anyone, Status.

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I bet TC will using his alt just to answer his own question.:P

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The TC's posting style seems VERY familiar...Emerald_Warrior
Please report this kind of thing when you see it, so we can get the admins to check. I get the feeling that if people would just stop responding to his threads, then maybe he'd get bored and stop trying to keep coming back to here, SW, and OT. Then maybe Legacy could get fun again...