Why are people so upset with the Games with Gold for May?!

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ok, so I posted the reviews/trailers for both Dust and Saints Row the third. and they can be found here:


But here's my question

I've never played either of these games, I never really had an interest in saints row for some reason, and Dust came out of no where to me. I think Dust looks amazing, and now that saints row 3 is free, i'm looking forward to playing this game.

But why is everyone so upset that these are the two free games this month? I can understand that if you already own a game that they're giving away for free that it may be a bummer for you but to degrade the games, I mean how can you degrade these two games?!

So do you guys like these choices or am I the only one who was satisfied this month?

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I think they're okay offerings, as long as you don't own either. I already have Saints Row 3 and have beaten it, so that's a no-go for me. I will check out Dust, though. Was always curious about that game and since it's free, why not?

A couple months back (Feb I think it was?) was a bad month for games. They had like Sid Myer's Civilization and some other strategy game. I think that was pretty lame. I like when Games with Gold offers more than just XBLA titles. Some of those can be a little dull.