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I know it would maybe seem quite strange at first, but if you think about it, it could be made into a great game. It could probably be an action adventure game, maybe in a similar style to Shenmue, but seriously revamped with an interactive fights and huge locations to go and explore, as well as extra missions and story arcs not seen in the show but made specifically for the game. Also, keep in mind that a game of Lost is being made, so if they're making a game of that, and due to the popularity of Heroes, who knows. I also think it should be released in monthly episodes like Sam and Max. What do you think?
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Or maybe an MMORPG with tons of personalization.
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yea mmorpg!!!!!!!!!!
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I don't.  Therefore it will never happen.. Sorry.
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Wouldn't that be like City of Heroes in street clothes?
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Are we talking about the tv show Heros?
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Wouldn't that be like City of Heroes in street clothes?FordFairlane

Well, isn't Heroes a bit like X-Men in street clothes?

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Heroes isn't that great, really. Also, shows/tv/movies have never translated well into games (with the exception of Goldeneye64).
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Absolutely not...

 plenty of superhero games already why do you need one that caters to the show... City of Heroes and City of Villains, looks like you're good to go.

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     Interesting concept.  I think it could work.  It would be cool if it was an MMO, therefore each person could play a different character from the show (JLA lite?)  I admit, I kinda stopped watching the show, I think it was up against something I liked more, but what I saw I did enjoy.  But again, if they made a Desperate Housewives game, and are working on a Lost game, Heroes: The Game may be in the future.
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MMORPG sounds cool. I love the show but i wouldnt want to play a single player beat em up game or something...
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[QUOTE="FordFairlane"]Wouldn't that be like City of Heroes in street clothes?nopalversion

Well, isn't Heroes a bit like X-Men in street clothes?

he was comparing it another game not a tv show...