Who is your favorite gaming youtuber

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Who is your favorite gaming youtuber

My favorite gaming youtubers are dreamcast guy and allanah pearce

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#2 Posted by deactivated-5d1e44cf96229 (2814 posts) -

The Angry Video Game Nerd

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#3 Posted by Mandzilla (4109 posts) -

OfficiallyDevin. Small channel but good stuff.

Also, Lethal Feline and J2JonJeremy. Switchforce is pretty handy for gaming news.

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Watching Limmy (Scottish comedian) play through Life is Strange was hilarious too. You kinda have to get his humour to enjoy it though.

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#5 Posted by johnd13 (9752 posts) -

Platform32 (Ian Higton from Eurogamer) and Christopher Odd.

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#6 Posted by NickMiles (6 posts) -

Markiplier :)

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Probably DSP, for all the wrong reasons.

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Mines is: MKIceAndFire he's really good at streaming his games on youtube from start to finish and he doesn't do commentary talk which is why I sub to his channel. And I find him to be more helpful if I'm stuck on certain parts of the game and I'll try to do what he did.

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#9 Posted by Archangel3371 (28154 posts) -

Mine is Maximilian. He largely focuses on fighting games but also does a lot of other games that I enjoy such as Resident Evil, Monster Hunter World, Bloodborne, etc. His friends and him are quite fun and funny to watch and they are engaging with the audience.

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Loading Video...

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#11 Posted by Ezekiel43 (1610 posts) -

I don't have one. I watch my own videos more than anyone else's. I usually feel like I'm wasting my time when I'm on YouTube. I only have a few hours a day to entertain myself, which I prefer to use on more professional media, meaning movies, TV shows and games.

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@mandzilla: Oh man, I watched Limmy a couple times when he was streaming dark souls. He freaks me out with his closeups, hilarious.

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#13 Posted by Mandzilla (4109 posts) -

@Black_Knight_00: Yeah, he's a weirdo. A funny one. xD

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#14 Posted by Yams1980 (3513 posts) -

i like LGR, its a channel that reviews older DOS and Windows games and hardware. Sometimes new games also.

Also Peter Serafinowicz has a funny youtube site where he dubs over Trumps voice with another voice. Makes him sound like a stable genius with the voiceover.

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Angry Video Game Nerd

Super GT

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Mandalore Gaming

Seriously look this guy up!

His content is freaking amazing, does research on everything he is reviewing and he actually finish them to full completion. But this does mean he only uploads 2 videos every month or once a month or if he really takes a while to finish, in 2 month. Good voice too.

He only does PC gaming so far btw. He also gives some guide on how to run that really obsecure early 2000 games in his reviews which for me is awesome.

Edit: Also shoutout to Lazy Game Reviews. As some probably noticed if they know these channels, I greatly enjoy retro reviews, with good narrative and voice

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#17 Posted by sakaiXx (5707 posts) -

@Archangel3371: enjoyed Maximillian Dood contents, especially his bossrage videos. His monster hunter and Bloodborne bossrage is my fav, really good editing and really funny too!

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#18 Posted by RSM-HQ (8426 posts) -

I don't really follow Youtubers or Streamers, simply don't have time for them. However some I game with mention liking KANNA Stream しろくろWorks.

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#21 Posted by Sevenizz (3908 posts) -

Brittany Venti

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#22 Posted by YammiReckorrdSan (615 posts) -

Jim Sterling. Watching him hates microstrasctions every video never gets old.

I also like Dreamcast Guy, The Complitionist, Globku, Scot the Woz, and ACG.

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Jim Sterling. Because I find him hilarious and I love his reviews. Even the ones I disagreed with like Godzilla ps4. But I did end up getting Sonic Forces after hearing what good things he had to say about it. I don't regret it one bit!

For the most part, I just enjoy watching him because he's really entertaining and he has great showmanship. For a YouTuber.

My favorite bits are his Commentocracy and Squirty Plays of Steam's shovelware games.

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I used to watch Cinemassacre a lot. I haven't watched any of their content since probably 2 years ago though. They were uploading way too frequently to the point where I didn't have time for it anymore.

These days I don't mind videos from Nitrorad. He uploads at a good pace.

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#25 Posted by pottt (4 posts) -

A chinese youtuber called Au .
Good at old game research.

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#28 Posted by MclarenMaster18 (1558 posts) -


This Youtuber is known for making in game car drifting videos ranging from Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon, Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Need For Speed, etc.

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VRFrank for all my psvr needs

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#30 Posted by Doerevolt (41 posts) -


the tank GOD of overwatch

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#31 Posted by Clefdefa (745 posts) -

Games Grumps and Dashie

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#32 Posted by jameswatson12 (14 posts) -

I never stay on one channel. I always search for new and more interesting.

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#33 Posted by Johndmgs (323 posts) -

James Rolfe. He has some good insights into gaming and the videos he does with Mike are always fun to watch. I've been watching a lot of BlueTelevisionGames lately too.

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#34 Posted by GrimOrk (17 posts) -

I like to watch Yandere Simulator videos. Guess, it is Bijuu Mike.

Of course, more popular youtubers like Jim Sterling are cool too, but they are more into AAA games, and I see no point it watching AAA-games, want to play it myself.

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#35 Posted by Lady_Aijou (24 posts) -

My husband and I watch a lot of OverEnglishman, TearofGrace, and Friends Without Benefits. Other smaller channels as well, but those three are the majority of time for us.

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#36 Posted by pook99 (862 posts) -

Game Sack

Cygnus destroyer

snes drunk

Dreamcast guy

angry joe

console wars

cinemassacre stuff

game grumps

are the ones I watch the most often but I do like to just watch random playthroughs of stuff every now and again

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Pixellated Apollo(really super cool TotalWar guy)

ObsidianAnt (The David Attenborough of Space games)

MoltenMetal (The coolest german Mechwarrior)


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#38 Posted by thereal25 (1786 posts) -

Don't watch many; I find most of them to be annoying to be honest. But I was quite impressed by a couple of Fallout 76 reviews I saw. I think on of them was called upskill or something.

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#39 Posted by goodzorr (504 posts) -

I watch YouTube videos on my second lunch (that is, my lunch has finished but my boss [team of 2] goes out on his lunch so free to carry on).



Sometimes Shroud but he's a bit grating at times.

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#40 Posted by SoNin360 (7088 posts) -

AlChestBreach. He primarily plays Fallout New Vegas mods but does other stuff to. I don't normally watch gaming channels but I like his goofy personality.

There's also Funhaus. I watch most of their videos aside from the discussion stuff.

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#41 Posted by Jackamomo (2156 posts) -

SNES Drunk.

To educate myself about the Super Nintendo (of which I have limited knowledge) and his reviews are very insightful and even handed.

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I have to say Robbaz king of sweden is one of the most funniest you tube gamers I ever seen!

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#43 Posted by ninodude01 (4 posts) -

I don't have any favorites on YouTube anymore these days. But i used to watch alot of the following channels..

Angry Video Game Nerd

Screw Attack

GameTrailers (now: Easy Allies)

Happy Video Game Nerd



Black Buster Critic

I'm feeling all nostalic and old now. I don't have time for YouTube anymore. I'd rather write my own articles. (for personal use only)

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And a few other reviewers that are great to watch. Especially ones that do more obscure game reviews

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#46 Posted by akeen28 (3 posts) -

There are many interesting games.

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#47 Posted by Tomterry (14 posts) -

"theradbrad" . He is chill and cool.

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#48 Posted by jdc6305 (5051 posts) -

Jim Sterling I like hearing him rant about the bullshit in the industry. Same with YongYea. I use to like watching Yukaslegion play Dark Souls.

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#49 Posted by deactivated-5c7af233131eb (5 posts) -

My favorite YouTube gamer is Mac....WAB guy......he's hilarious. I don't always like the games he likes but the guy makes me laugh and he tells it like it is. I love the fact that he accurately points out any serious flaws in a game and the games that are overrated.

I think Cosmic does a good overview of games and critiques them quite well and he is very organized and clear in his views

I like Carrot but I think he may go buy another logo but he covers graphics then gameplay and sound.

I don't like guys that have to be all theatrical as though the attention is about them with their loud extra useless stuff …..just talk about the game ….and I don't need to see you.

Lastly I would add ….Total Biscuit....sorry he passed away. explains games well and good summaries.

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#50 Posted by Jackamomo (2156 posts) -

I need to shout out It's a Pixel Thing for his Spectrum coverage and racing games series and pointing out Old Towers for Spectrum, browser and pc free to play indy game of which I just downloaded the Mega Drive version of and voluntarily donated cash monies to for being good game developers who didn't demand my money.

Also Bazza H for in depth Spectrum and Amstrad reviews.