Which Zelda game should I play now?

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#1 Posted by Thryx20 (25 posts) -
Well I finished Twilight Princess, and have almost finished watching a wind waker let's play by chuggaaconroy So now I'm wondering which Zelda game should I play I've also played; ocarina of time (upto the the zora's domain) Minish cap (Up to a swampy area) Link to the past (Just got to the dark world) Hourglass (upto the last boss) Now then I've lost all my save files, except for minish cap but I'm wondering which zelda game should I play next (It doesn't have to be the ones i just listed). Thanx
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#2 Posted by Doublexiii (152 posts) -

Hard to choose.

I'd say finish Minish Cap for sure, then move on to Wind Waker.

Wind Waker gets a lot of hate just for being cartoony, but it's a solid title, and my personal favorite.

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I would say skyward sword.

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Majora's Mask... The creepiest one and my personal favorite.

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If u are looking for a darker , harder and a different story line , my bet goes to Majora's Mask. But between the ones u mentioned I'd say Ocarina of Time.
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Wand of Gamelon.

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Depends if you don't mind catching-up to the part you were on. If so, then I'd recommend finishing A Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time (and then its direct sequel Majora's Mask). If not, then you could probably skip right to Skyward Sword (which is a prequel to the other games).

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I would definitely finish ALttP. It's by far, my favorite Zelda.

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Minish Cap is a pretty fun one, and it stands out as one of the few of the series I've finished but would like to replay from scratch. LttP is good, too. Why not finish Hourglass, since you're close, then play Wind Waker? It's pretty awesome.