Which XboxOne game will get Game of the Year?

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Posted by special-ops (121 posts) -

Here are the nominations:

Forza Motorsport 5

Assassin's Creed IV:Black Flag

Battlefield 4

Fifa 14

NBA 2K14

I voted for Forza Motorsport 5,Assassin's Creed IV:Black Flag and Battlefield 4

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#1 Posted by moix123 (71 posts) -

Battlefield 4

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#2 Posted by sukraj (27458 posts) -

Dead Rising 3

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#3 Posted by marcheegsr (3113 posts) -

I'm thinking Forza 5.

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#4 Posted by FireWalkerMD (41 posts) -

It's between Forza and ACIV. Honestly, whatever game wins, they shouldn't call it Game of the Year. It's more like game of the month.

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#5 Posted by GuitarSmash (274 posts) -

Even with its flaws and its not on the list: Dead Rising 3.

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#6 Posted by kingcrimson24 (824 posts) -

Forza 5

really , i just played a bit of it and just feels so nice , no other racing game feels this good

i didn't play other xbox one games :p but forza is awesome and i've always been a big fan of the series

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#7 Posted by Kenocratic (123 posts) -

As mentioned above it doesn't feel like there are enough releases for an award for the year, at least from my reading. I don't own a One yet, still have the 360. But the environments in AC4 and Forza 5 look amazing in stores and videos so I may buy one soon.

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#8 Posted by ZZoMBiE13 (22931 posts) -

@sukraj said:

Dead Rising 3

That's mine for sure. About to finish my third run through and each time has been a blast. Just passed the 100k zombie kills achievement yesterday. WOO!

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#9 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8655 posts) -

I only have dead rising 3 and it's great fun so far.

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#10 Posted by Archangel3371 (23509 posts) -

Well right now I'd say Forza 5, it's an excellent game. I'll be getting Dead Rising 3 next week and I have a feeling that it might make a strong contention for my vote. Killer Instinct makes a very strong fight for runner-up, pun intended. :P

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#11 Posted by Randolph (10542 posts) -

I'll abstain due to the lack of Killer Instinct in the nominee list. Of course I have yet to even glance at the Gamespot GOTY stuff for any system. None of these guys have given me any reason to seek out or appreciate what they think about any game. For that to happen, they have to actually bother to engage the community.