Which story and dialogue do you prefer? Fallout 3/Vegas/Skyrim or Mass effects

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Hey all just wandering for research for my report at university not for my dissertation just a module report :). So Im just wandering if you kind people would answer the question and why do you prefer them particular games? If there other RPG games like this which give you options to take then please say more the better. I just suggested these because they seem to be the most popular in my eyes :). Yeah so why is that story and dialogue better than the other games? I want to see your opinions and then research into it deeply and see if there is difference between the two obviously the story is but the dialogue side fo things or the script if you like :D.

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Mass Effects story is my favorite out of the 4. However I never completed Fallout 3's story and have barly started new Vegas. (Just got the ultimate edition) Howeer few games are going to beet the story and dialogue of ME. The dialogue is, for the most part, the players choice. Not to mention the voice acting is exceptional. Your desisions feel like they make a real difference.

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Anyone who doesn't say the Mass Effect series is weird in my view.

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Out of those choices? Definitely ME games. The series may suffer in RPG departments when compared to Skyrim/Fallout NV (especially NV), but when it comes to dialogue and story presentation, ME triumphs over Fallout3, NV and Skyrim.
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I would say Witcher 2 or Two World 2. You pick some dialog but there is already a character there and will make the dialog fit the character. They feel like that are apart of the world and make them easier to relate to.

Next up is the Fallout games since stats allow you to try new dialog pick. Allowing for a tiny bit of role playing in the dialog picks.

ME the main character feels too distant and not affected by the world. This just alienate him/her from me.

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Definitely Mass Effect. For starters I'm more partial to the sci-fi theme. The story in ME was amazing and very well told plus most of the charcters were very well portrayed and quite intriguing. I also liked how the dialog choices were handled.
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Mass Effect has the best storyline out of all those games, hands down. It has a better storyline than most games out there.

But I love all the games you mentioned.

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Call of duty

I've only played mass effect, but the dialogue was generally terrible. COD had better characters and dialogue.

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Anyone who doesn't say the Mass Effect series is weird in my view.


Yeah, the story in games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls is just there to give you a reason to travel around. None of the stories taken by themselves is anything special. As for dialogue I would say Mass Effect again, followed by New Vegas. Dialogue and dialogue options are usually very poor in Bethesda games.

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well since you said story and dialogue, the Mass Effect games win in my opinion.
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None even approach tolerability.
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Skyrim is definitely NOTmy preferred dialogue or story, among the four.

If I had to choose, I'd say story for Mass Effect (the first specially) and dialogue for New Vegas.

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I've always felt BioWare gets too much credit for the dialogue in its game. First and foremost, if you ever met a BioWare protagonist in real life, you'd hate him, because he's one of those guys that monopolizes the discussion and everyone has to talk about what he wants to talk about. That's just not realistic. Conversations move and opportunities to get answers or to direct conversation are seized in a moment or lost to the flow of the discussion. The only games that i've played that do a quality job of portraying a real conversation and the power of words are Torment and Alpha Protocol...maybe toss Bloodlines in there, too.

In the three games i mentioned, conversation is every bit as important as pulling the trigger and I just can't say that about BioWare games. Furthermore, in those games, especially Alpha Protocol, your choices will continue to reverberate through your play experience. BioWare does a good job, i think, of making your choices feel like they matter, but gameplay-wise, you really don't experience it all that much. For example, anytime a BioWare game gives you the choice to kill someone, you pretty much know that whatever you choose, that character's role in the story is pretty much done, which kind of makes the choice of whether to spare or to kill him inconsequential - eithey way, that's the last you hear from him. And BW has kind of mastered the art of giving the player a choice that results in the same conclusion either way...which is what brings me to what's missing from BW games.

What's missing from choice in BioWare games is the consequences of that choice. I think the reason for that is that every consequence scripted demands a lot of work, and for a company that can't even be bothered to make more than one indoor texture for their entire game (NWN - why does the inside of this tree look like a castle?), i'm not surprised to see them unwilling to put the time in. You can tell the reason for AP's massive delays was most likely all the scripting of all the possible events and the way things play out and they probably sacrificed a bit of polish on the gameplay for it, but honestly, it was worth it to me. I remember playing ME2 right after AP and thinking about how the dialogue in ME2 just came off as stilted and ham-fisted by comparison (of course, no game does ham-fistery like The Old Republic does ham-fistery - "now you'll see what a Bounty Hunter can do!").

I like TES and Bethesda's take on Fallout for what they are, but what they are is a bunch of games that don't belong in this discussion. Everything involving character, story, and RPGing in a Bethesda "RPG" is wooden and unremarkable.

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New Vegas has some of the best writing in recent RPG history. Thanks Chris fort that

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New Vegas for me, I love Mass Effect, at least the story makes up for what the dialogue lacks

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Those are really poor examples for story/dialogue.

Skyrim is just generic "hurr durr dragons" with the occasional choice that doesn't really matter. Dialogue "choices" are few and far between.

Fallout 3 had a really linear plot that just slapped around Fallout lore a little. It's been a while, but none of the dialogue really stands out in my memory.

Mass Effect has an incredibly limited dialogue system (Three options labeled good, bad, and other), though maybe better than the other games in some cases. The series has a really inconsistant story, with the lore being bended or changed in each game, things being retcon'd, etc.

I never got around to beating NV, but I liked the main story in that more than 3. Couldn't really say enough about the game.

I prefer something more along the lines of Fallout 1/2, Dragon Age: Origins, stuff like that. Games that offer quite a bit more options, especially with dialogue and story choices and whatnot. It's the freedom to roleplay that matters most in a RPG.

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Mass Effect. I thought the first one had the best dialogue of any game made to date, with different choice options and different play through availabilities being not only well acted, but opposing choices could be justified.

Skyrim was a step backwards from Oblivion in so far as story or dialogue was concerned. Neither allegiance of the main storyline was particularly inspiring. The Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood went from unique, key parts of the Elder Scrolls world to something I found to be rather deplorable. Substituting the Fighters Guild with the Companions wasn't bad, but the Mage's Guild was the only faction that didn't back step in my opinion.

Edited: Please Bethesda, bring back the Great Houses! All five of them! I implore you!

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New Vegas all the way but I like all four its just the New Vegas is superior in the writing department.

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Fallout 3 because it's full of references and mass effect sucks by the way because it is fantasy. an unbelievable fantasy but fallout 3 actually puts you in believable dilemma.

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Mass Effect for story, mostly. Even Mass Effect's story is flimsy though.

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New Vegas has some of the best writing in recent RPG history. Thanks Chris fort that


I started the ultimate edition and the writing is great.

I really like the writing and dialog in red dead, max payne and L.A. Noire.

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A problem I have with the choose your own dialog system is that it make the character a bit distant from the the the rest of the world. Just look at how odd the conversation in them.

Eventually giving the player more option mean that you will be taking options from the developers which hurt the game.

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New Vegas has some of the best writing in recent RPG history. Thanks Chris fort that


I started the ultimate edition and the writing is great.

I really like the writing and dialog in red dead, max payne and L.A. Noire.

When you get to Old World Blues part of the game, you'll just be laughing throughout.

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Mass Effect has one of the best stories ever
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The Mass Effect series has a much better story. The characters are better developed and you grow to love or hate them. There's also much more backstory and interesting details in it.
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mass effect by far. bethesda games do well in making a huge world and all that but the characters always feel lifeless.

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Mass Effect's. But its an unfair comparison because Bethesda isnt known for their story/dialogue but more for their environment/atmosphere
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I like the games Fallout and Skyrim better, but for only story/dialog Mass Effect is better.
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story/univers/dialogue Mass Effect however it still could've been better.