Which Social Media is the Most Popular Among Gamers?

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I’m trying to figure out how to spread news about an indie game to as many gamers as we can, without spamming every freaking Social Media platform there is.

Though our team is still far from actually releasing the game, we figured it’s the right time to start thinking about where do we want to talk about our game. With the recent rise of popularity of Pinterest, Quora, Linkedin and so on, we are wondering if that’s where we should be as well, or will we just end up targeting the wrong audience? Naturally, we don’t want this to happen, so my question today is: Where would you most likely get news about upcoming games, and possibly even follow the development of a game you like?

Would that be Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Snapchat? LinkedIn? Instagram? Quora? Popular forum? Perhaps a developer’s website? Is there any other place I forgot and you think might be the right place to post for us? Please let me know in the comments. Help is much appreciated.

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I get most of my info from websites like Gamespot and from Facebook. I'm not that active on Facebook though, only online 1-2 times a week for maybe 10-30 minutes.

So if you want to reach me, gaming websites would be the best way. Or - especially as indie, create a Kickstarter. I back a lot of games.

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@ArchoNils2: Thank you for answering! Now that's actually another topic I wanna research in the future. I've heard a few times recently that gaming forums are dying out, so it's interesting to see that people actually prefer them over social media.

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I rarely ever get on Facebook or Twitter or any of the other social media sites that you listed and I definitely don't use them for gaming news or discussions since I would have to sort through too much meaningless crap to get to any news that I care about and those sites are only suited for very shallow discussions whereas I want to have a somewhat deeper discussion.

For gaming news and discussions, I turn to gaming related forums like this one and gaming related subreddits on Reddit.

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@storm_of_swords: Hey! I came to realize that you are definitely not in minority. There are A LOT of gamers that are keeping distance from social media. I'll be honest and say I never realized that, because I've always been more active on SM. Thanks for the reply! I guess I have no other option than to take some focus from SM and put it into forums. :)

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Facebook, Gamespot, Reddit, Player.me, Twitter, etc.

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Mainly in Facebook Groups and Reddit. I know there's a subreddit focused about indiegames and indiedevs I think you can start there.