Which MMO should I start?

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#1 Posted by Minashigo (25 posts) -
I want to start a new one, but since my gaming PC broke I can't get Guild Wars 2 or The Secret World (The two I REALLY want to play) I can still support oldies like FFXI, WoW and GW1. I kind of wanna finally try GW1, but with GW2 coming out, I'm not sure how smart that is. My question for you is, What's a good low spec MMO to start playing, that has a lot of features? I've read up on all of them, I just want to hear your take on it.
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If this was me, i'd be tempted to play WoW because it is meant to be the biggest MMO out there but i wouldn't want to pay £15 (especially if i was planning on swapping to another MMO). But i think they have a play for free offer now. Not sure how much of te game you can play for free but its probably enough to fill the time untill your Pc is fixed. Even with that in mind i would still advise you go for the first guild wars especially as you want to play the sequel (story probably over laps and you'll get used to the skill system or if they've changed it get a rough idea on how it might be)
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Ive been playing wow since 07 and in my opinion its the best mmo oout there. SWTOR died really quick it was just more of a single player experience than an mmo. If i were you i would just go to wow, ive tried em all. GW1, TERA, SWTOR, WARHAMMER, and none of these pale in comparison to wow. Blizzard just "knows their **** you know. Yeah you have to pay, but its for a game that is constantly being patched and worked on to keep the "PLAYERS HAPPY" which most MMOs do not. Give wow a shot its free up to level 20, but in my opinion its the best
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a couple I could advice you on are LOTRO Lord of the Rings Online. its free and has option for VIP subscription $10 a month, but as you play you eart TPs or Turbine points (named after the company which developed it) and when you earn enough you can spend them on the Store to buy updates that will eventually get you everything a VIP gets.

LOTRO is known for having one of the friendliest communities of players out there, this may be because its not PvP but rather PvE, although there is a Monster arena in which you get to play as one of Sauron's minnions and fight in any defenders of Middle Earth that wander into the area. The locations are beautiful and exploration constantly reveals new surprises.

Although it gets grindy at times (just like any other MMO) many quests will lead you on an epic story line parallel to the Fellowship of the Ring.

Since I have not tried WOW I can not tell you anything in regards to it, but there is a reason why it is the king of MMOs.

Another I cant advice on but which I can suggest is Vindictus online, just like LOTRO its free to play, but if you are outside the U.S. then your e out of luck since it has servers restricted to that and only a handfull of other regions. I do hear great things about Vindictus but as stated youll have to be living in certain areas to play it.

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Try FlyFF although it's old enough but I know a Pserver w/ch is a good one, the GMs and the rates are incredibly high ;) Insanity flyff checkout :3 http://www.insanityflyff.com/
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I think you should go with dcuo(dc universe online)its pretty easy and you will get guides from every where
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WoW, always
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I bought GW about 2 weeks ago and i love it so i would recommend that

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Noramlly I would say GW1 because it isnt grindy in the least really and the bit that it is isnt for a long time, only reason I say normally is for the simple reason that its player base isnt like wows after all these years, im not sure grouping up for missions is an option, granted there are heroes you can use flags with and get by for a while, also later on you acquire heroes which you can make a group better then having humans with you, but getting to that point may be challenging unless you get at least 1 friend to start with you.

Wow is great and all, but once again only if playing with others, the free till lvl 20 is cool and might get ya hooked like it did me, but early content is a bore fest so finding a guild and having someone to play with maybe in said guild will keep it fresh for ya. the end game in wow is definately Epic with the right guildies and raid groups. WOW did almost everything right and I hope to god ANET listens to ppl and borrows some lessons from WOW if they want a future perfect product in GW2.

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#10 Posted by Frieza99 (228 posts) -
Since you can't get Guild Wars 2 ,then go for Guild Wars 1,having lots of features.
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Try Warhammer if you want good pvp, a bit old but free. Lotro if you want large areas and a epic story, free and a good community. Rift if you wanna try a modern WoW with lots of action both pvp, pve and instance. I stopped playing WoW because of the community became mostly young kids.
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If you have a low spec you might want to try Drakensang Online (action mmo rpg) and BattleStar Galactica, both free to play.

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I think Dragon Oath is awesome for low spec and its free to play......trust me it has lot of features and an amazing gameplay....since my pc was crashed to death.....i started playing dragon oath from my sis laptop :P tokens are damn cheap...m playing from Indian Server.......soon m gonna buy new pc for hardcore gaming that time m gonna play GW2 :D

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GW1 is still a great game, but doesn't have the number it once had. Having said that, you can unlock rewards in GW2 via the Hall of Monuments in GW1 (you will need GW:EN expansion for HoM) so if you're planning on eventualy getting GW2 then your endeavours now will eventualy be rewarded.

Taking said rewards into account GW1 may see somewhat of a revival as players jump back in to get more items in their Hall of Monuments ready for GW2's release.


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avoid all of them get phantasy star online blue burst schthack or phantasy star universe japan

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I tried GW2 but i feel GW1 is way to better
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Champions online is a great one to play, it's also f2p (with extra content if you want to pay) and doesn't have very high system requirements.
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Meridian 59 is an old classic mmorpg. Completely free, small download with old graphics engine Everquest is another old one. It's free with some limitations. Have fun