Which iteration of Fifa is most fair for player career mode?

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Posted by sprotz (36 posts) 8 months, 9 days ago

Poll: Which iteration of Fifa is most fair for player career mode? (0 votes)

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I played Fifa 13 story mode controlling only my player, but whatever the difficulty setting, the game makes it too easy. My AI teammates too easily score all the goals and never pass to me unless I ask for it. But when they do pass to me, It is harder for me to score. So my teammates often end up scoring more goals than me on each match. This is partly because the AI defenders just look on while the AI strikers attempt to score. So what I want is to be on a level playing field and I want it to be just as challenging for my teammates to score as I do, and of course I want to be the top scorer of each match. So which Fifa iteration has resolved these issues so as the AI finds it harder to score every time they get into the box so that the player I control gets a fair chance, or even an advantage if he is a better player ?

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There all pretty much the same, I would just play the latest fifa.

Play it on legendary if you don't already and you can adjust the sliders in the settings to balance the game.

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From what I've played at a friends house, they are pretty similar. Just play on the hardest difficulty and have fun!

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Ok, thanks.