Which game system will have the bigger future?

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Posted by Zjun (147 posts) 3 years, 6 months ago

Poll: Which game system will have the bigger future? (13 votes)

3DS XL 69%
PS Vita 31%
Wii U 0%

All of these systems require improvements in either games, hardware and/or sales.

What changes will have to occur for these systems to become valuable and which system do you think will have the brighter future?

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The 3DS has a great future ahead of it, Wii U is starting to pick up steam and will probably be a solid console assuming it can survive for a few more years. Vita is a distant 3rd

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#2 Posted by Muffin2020 (534 posts) -

The 3DS is the only winner here. The other 2 are trapped.

I love my Vita but it has problems.

Every good game comes to PSN+ so even though I have about 20+ Vita games the only one I bought was Persona 4. It's trapped.

The Wiiu is dead. If Mario can't make it sell then nothing will. No games so no one bought it. No one Bought it so no games. It's trapped.

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The 3DS... isn't it doing exceptional? Besides that, it's library was one of the strongest of the year with one of the best received Zelda in years, Fire Emblem Awakening, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and so much more.

I think the Wii U is basically stuck, but that doesn't mean it's going anywhere. Nintendo can survive in the console race with something that's only putting up Gamecube numbers. Personally, I'll buy one after Bayonetta 2 is released and go back to enjoy its Marios and Donkey Kongs and (hopefully) Metroids.

The Vita is still struggling and likely will. I love the thing though. Great library, great device, and there are some more games on the horizon that look phenomenal. Unfortunately, they're all niche titles so I highly doubt it'll ever pull stronger numbers. Sony needs to take out their check book and give Capcom something to get Monster Hunter on the damned thing.

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The 3DS is kicking ass and killing the other two by a landslide.

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the Vita is really great.. hope there was more games on it

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#6 Posted by SoNin360 (6576 posts) -

I only have a Vita and don't pay too much attention to the other two. I'm hopeful that the Vita will see some big games in the future, but I'm honestly not certain about that.

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i would say 3ds, but with 20 different revisions of ds line up, There be new ds soon. wish they would just take the leap and create something far more powerful

vita most likely last the longest

wii u lol nineteen will keep their heads up their ass and keep shoving mario and donkey kong out....

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#8 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (13220 posts) -

Even though I have a bit of a soft spot for PlayStation products, I'd have to say both 3ds and Wii U have better futures than the Vita.

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The three systems would be comparable only if the Wii U GamePad could be used standalone, Imho. But every one of them has its advantages (game catalog, tech specs, gameplay options) so I don't really see a reason to play one against the other here...

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#10 Posted by Blueresident87 (5635 posts) -

The 3DS

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#12 Posted by downnice95 (152 posts) -

The 3DS is the best console on the market right now

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3DS, and it's not even close. Vita and Wii U will likely be repeats of their previous incarnations, i.e. mostly table scraps for the former and long droughts of not much punctuated by the occasional awesome exclusive for the latter.

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3DS/2DS. Its not even a contest. Its the only commercially successful system on that list.

Unlike Nintendo's consoles (which in the core arena appeal to just Mario/Zelda/Metroid fans) Nintendo's handhelds tend to boast reasonably broad core appeal so non-Mario core games can actually be commercially successful on Nintendo's handhelds.

I think the Vita (which will almost certainly be Sony's last portable) will be around for a while since its found a niche among indies and small Japanese publishers/developers (nods towards Atlus and NIS). Its selling even slower than the Wii U, but Sony is selling the HW at a profit so like the GC, the Vita will coast along on life support while the other more popular and profitable systems (in the GC's case the GBA and later the DS in the Vita's the PS3 and PS4) rake in the dough.

The Wii U is toast, in no small part due to the 3DS/2DS. As I've said many times, Nintendo switched focus from consoles to portables (again) back in 2010 and they never really focused on consoles again. In 2013 if Nintendo fans wanted to play the best Nintendo games, they needed a 3DS.

Along those lines, I read an interesting article on a Nintendo fan site recently.


Last week I saw two children walking with their mother through the games section of a local Best Buy. Each kid couldn’t have been older than eight years old. One of the kids notices New Super Mario Bros. U and shouts in excitement, “Mario Bros!” The mother responds back, “You already have ‘that game’ for 3DS. You don’t need two machines to play it. One is enough.”


Parents did not identify Wii as “just another Nintendo machine”. The Wii established the identity of being the “Wii Sports/Wii Fit” machine – an identity that went beyond Nintendo’s traditional IPs. Therefore, parents were okay with buying their children both a Nintendo DS and a Wii. The Wii U and the 3DS have NOT taken on an identity that is much larger than just Nintendo’s franchises, and this is why both platforms will be viewed simply as “Nintendo machines”.


The current 3DS library makes Wii U’s software lineup seem somewhat redundant even if they aren’t entirely identical. Creating 3DS versions for major Wii U titles is giving consumers less incentive to buy the Wii U. Also, why would you expect parents to research the differences between Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) and Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) when these are the same parents who won’t take five minutes to research how Wii U is a new console (and not some Wii accessory)?

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#15 Posted by marcheegsr (3113 posts) -

3ds xl but im rooting for the vita.

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Hmm, so far it looks 3ds

But it all really depend on what Sony does with the Vita and Ps4 because if they do it right, Vita has the biggest potential