Which game should i play first? (PS4)

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Poll: Which game should i play first? (PS4) (15 votes)

Fallout 4 13%
Mass Effect Andromeda 7%
Prey (2017) 7%
Shadow Warrior 7%
Dragon Quest Heroes 0%
Finnish persona 5 60%
Finnish ni no kuni 2 7%

Hey guys i am and indecisive bastard and i thought this might push me a certain direction.

Back when DMC 5 came out i went up to gamestop to snag it but instead ended up getting 5 different games i hadnt played for like 40$ dollars instead. They had a buy one get one half off sale going on. Sounded like a better idea than just getting DMC at the time. I should have considered that my time is limited and would never get around to playing them.

I have been playing nino kuni 2 and persona 5, about 30 hours into both... Kinda bored of them, they just take alot of time and have so much talking. I keep trying to tell myself to Finnish these first, but im looking at the games on my shelf like, maybe these would be better. Or maybe one of these would be nice to mix into rotation. Vote or don't vote, I'm just curious of peoples preferred choices from this list.

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#1 Posted by TJDMHEM (2150 posts) -

finish persona 5

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#2 Posted by Macutchi (6876 posts) -

that... was not a good deal mate. you've had your pants pulled down there.

fallout 4 is really fallout 3.5. it looks like arse and doesn't play much better. hopefully you got the goty version. you may find some stuff to enjoy in it but even if you manage to sink 20+ hours you'll probably feel exactly the same then as you do about persona 5 and kuni 2 now.

andromeda needs no explanation, unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years. don't feel too bad i bought it as well. i should have known better too.

prey is mechanically sound but flawed (see the recent thread https://www.gamespot.com/forums/games-discussion-1000000/what-do-you-think-of-prey-2017-33466479/).

not played dragon quest heroes.

shadow warrior is fun enough but old. it's a remake of a 90s game. shadow warrior 2 is much better.

so in summary, swallow your pride and your loss, go trade them in for a pittance and chuck in whatever you need to get dmc5 or some other decent game

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#3 Posted by RSM-HQ (8603 posts) -

Can only speak for so much listed. Shadow Warrior only played for a short period and it hard crashed too often, gave up in the end. This was on P.C. so not sure if 'fixed' since then. Fall Out 4 to me was the tolerable Fall Out experience. Shooting is much better this time around, at the sacrifice of the karma system. .

And that's it.

It's tough going with games like the new D00M and Shadow Warrior in a world that has Ion Fury and Dusk. If you ask me, I really like D00M (IV) was even the one hyping it on GD, but the locked arena rooms got very old, very fast.

Am at somepoint going to play Persona 5. The 'Royal' october edition to be exact, I have it pre-ordered. A few on this board are starting to make me wonder if I should cancel that thought. Starting to get the idea it's more chatty than I bargained for.

Mass Effect Andromeda is simply an easy target. It's known to fit in the same Hall of Shame as D00M 3, Duke Nukem Forever, and Resident Evil 6. Some fun probably can be had; though you have to put up with a lot of garbage in the meantime.

Blows my mind how people are still avoiding Divinity: Original Sin II and buying games like Mass Effect: Andromeda and Fall Out 4.

This is why we can't have nice things.

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#4 Posted by Valgaav_219 (2513 posts) -

Those Gamestop sales will definitely entice you to not get what you came there for. I went to buy God of War 2 weeks ago and ended up getting Prey, COD WW2, Injustice: Gods Among Us Edition, & South Park: The Fractured But Whole all for $27. That deal was just too good to pass up.

I'd probably just go ahead and finish Persona 5. It's probably the best JRPG this gen and is definitely worth a full playthrough. The day I bough it I played for like 18 hours straight. It definitely didn't disappoint. If you end up playing Prey let me know how it was, though.

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#5 Posted by Blazepanzer24 (214 posts) -

I'd start with Digimon story cyber sleuth and Digimon World Next Order, then I'm move on to the Senran Kagura and Sword art Online series. AS far as triple AAA multi-plat games I'd recommend gunning for Ace combat 7, Fallout 4 GOTY, the Crash Insane collection and Spyro the Reignited trilogy.

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#7 Edited by jeezers (3273 posts) -

@TJDMHEM: your probably right

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#8 Posted by jeezers (3273 posts) -

@Macutchi: could buy DMC5, I just feel stupid buying a 60$ game when ive got games on a shelf I havent touched, but i get what your saying , im willing to bet its much better than these other games mass effect andomeda I heard was shit lol, but with the sale was like 5 bucks, only other mass effect game I played was 2, liked it alot, exactly how bad is andromeda??? lol

if I beat at least 2 of these I'll prob go pick it up, by then itll prob be on sale too so theres that.

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#9 Posted by jeezers (3273 posts) -

@blazepanzer24: whats up with these digimon games? I have a friend who plays them, I kinda was trolling him for it, but I honestly have no idea how they play, i was a pokemon kid growing up. How do the games play?

Same with sword art online, ive heard of it, never played, isnt that like an mmo?

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#10 Posted by livingdeadman (368 posts) -

The only game I played on that list is Fallout 4. I need to expand my video game collection.

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#11 Posted by Blazepanzer24 (214 posts) -

@jeezers said:

@blazepanzer24: whats up with these digimon games? I have a friend who plays them, I kinda was trolling him for it, but I honestly have no idea how they play, i was a pokemon kid growing up. How do the games play?

Same with sword art online, ive heard of it, never played, isnt that like an mmo?

Well, as far as the Digimon games go they often differ quite a lot from title to title. Since you're familiar with Pokemon I'd recommend trying Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth first, give it's combat mechanics are closer to that of Pokemon's in comparison to Digimon World Next Order. In fact, Cyber sleuth and Next order are so radically different one could easily think they where entirely different franchises at first glance.

For example: Imagine a Pokemon style game where you can have up to eleven Digimon in your party and instead of battling Gym Leaders and the Elite Four, you go around defeating rampaging Digimon and Hackers in Cyberspace, all while trying to figure out the mysteries of your...half cyber body. Also...Imagine having to take a Mankey to a Digi-lab for it to evolve when it gets enough stats and being able to evolve it into either a Primape, Hitmonlee, Machoke, Eletrabuz, or a Sudowoodo. Also, they an additional two evolution steps above that. That's kinda how Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth operates in a nutshell.

Next world...on the other hand, is vastly different. Basically, you get sucked into the Digimon world and promise the local Digimon to help them rebuild their city while also preventing attacks from a rather large, metallic robot dinosaur Digimon called Machendramon. However, unlike in Cyber sleuth, you only have access to Two Digimon, and only those Two Digimon. You have to train them, feed them, make sure they go to the potty on time, and make sure that they don't get too tired. Eventually, with time they'll Digivolve, providing they have the right stats and such. And yet...they'll die after about thirty days time, where you'll chose a Digiegg and start all over again from the ground up. (Let's just say Next World Takes the Pet Rasing Genre to a new level.)

Also...the combat is different, being Real time as apposed to Turn Based. And you don't control the Digimon directly either. You'd...have to see the combat in action.

Now as for the SAO games...yeah, The Anime is based on an MMO, more specifically what's called a VRMMORPG. Nevertheless the video games are Single player, but they have a kind of MMORPG feel to them, and they also have some multiplayer capabilities to them. The games also have some spoilers for the Anime, though.

Hollow Fragment takes place as an alternate ending to the Anime...if you will, and that'll kinda hint at the spoilers in the game. You basically have to clime the floors of Castle Aincrad like in the Anime, but there's also a major side story called the Hollow Area to explore. As for combat, it's exclusively hack and slash in HF. Character wise you play as the main series protagonist, known as Kirito. I personally refer to him as Haremto though, you'll see why if you play the games or watch enough of the Anime. You can however also customize his looks and Gender if you want, though.

Lost song, on the other hand, Explorers the SAO characters going into a new game call Alfphime Online. Unlike in Hollow Fragment, not only can you fly in Lost Song, but you can also fire a bow and unleash certain magic attacks. Although the game does revolve around Haremto...again, this time you can play as one of the other characters, or even a custom character although the options for a CC is so lackluster nobody knows why Namco Bandai even bothered in this game, which is it's biggest fault in my book.

I Haven't really played Hollow Realization all that much, but it does seem to follow Hollow Fragment's rules on Hack and Slash. It also has a much better Custom Character Creation ability than either Hollow Fragment or Lost Song, although your player viewpoint will for all intents and purposes be Haremto.

Lastly, Fatal Bullet is kinda like a third person Shooter with RPG-like elements if you will. Unlike in the other games, you actually play as you're own character, not as Haremto (Albeit he is very prominent in the stroyline.)

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#12 Posted by sakaiXx (6053 posts) -

Drop all and go play Bloodborne.

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I thought that said "Finnish Person 5" and I was like, that's an interesting sim game, and there's 5 of them? Finland is popular.