Which game are you playing currently?

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#101 Posted by henrythefifth (2502 posts) -

Mopping up in AC Origins again.

The elephants are really easy to beat with fast charging dual blades and light bow combo. And once one of the bounty hunters dropped light bow that heals with every hit, I became pretty much unkillable in the elphant fights...

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#102 Posted by soupgfx (26 posts) -

TitanFall 2

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#103 Posted by arturdonovan (2 posts) -

Mortal Kombat X. And also decided to play Skyrim. Allo wanted to explore whole world and finally get the highest level

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#104 Edited by Amnesiac23 (8452 posts) -

I'm replaying FFVII and Dark Souls 3 until Dragon Quest Builders 2 comes out.

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#105 Edited by TrishJ (1 posts) -

Hey Guys Here is a leak to an awesome mobile game- PUBG mobile:


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#106 Posted by RSM-HQ (8426 posts) -

Mostly having replay values with CastleVania: Collection, Devil May Cry 5, Splatoon 2, and Bloodstained: RotN.

I don't plan buying much this winter outside Metal Wolf Chaos, Pokémon, and MH:W expansion. So will be relatively silent for the most part on upcoming games.

The Outer Worlds is still a "maybe" because always wanted to play a Fallout I can enjoy in proper. It's a wait and see for that game, I don't enjoy FO enough to buy a successor day-one and will gauge forum opinions and written reviews; both from trusted sources.

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#107 Posted by pook99 (862 posts) -

Just finished replaying mega man 6

Currently playing Bloody trapland 2, runner 3, dracula x on SNES, and Luigis mansion on gamecube. I also plan on starting darksiders 3 sometime this week.