Which game are you playing currently?

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I'm playing this game right now and it's so addictive. Some levels are too difficult to win. I'm sharing the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twNWO3uu0-I&t=1s

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I play early access games, most of them are survivals like Miscreated, Scum, etc... Now Im used to face bugs while Im playing, I remember the old good days playing singleplayer games where I couldnt find any noticeable bug...

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Dragon Knight II, it's an interesting game with good visual.

Link: http://esd2.salagame.com

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Handheld wise, I'm playing Pokemon Sigma Emerald mostly (an Emerald hack which improves the game) as well as replaying Ocarina of Time 3D. I got Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 recently so I plan on starting that soon.

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Hi everyone. I am a big fun of L2 and other online games.

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@lucky112233: Is it available on mobile?

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@finejoeyoung: No, it's only available on website now.

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@markus32: recommend you dragon knight II, it's really a good and interesting mmo game. It has four languages:

ES Link: http://esd2.salagame.com

FR Link: http://frd2.salagame.com

TR Link: http://trd2.salagame.com

PL Link: http://pld2.salagame.com

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Usually shooters. Right now I'm playing PUBG, new Vikendi map looks cool. Did you see exclusive "winter soldier" set on my dot com? I think it's one of the best sets ever.

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Been playing through Red Dead Redemption 2 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Also got back into Final Fantasy XI on the Nasomi server

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Minecraft Pocket Edition. Yeach, i'm almost 20, but the game is for all ages I think)

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I am playing Limbo these days again as I am designing a game like that. But it is not going to be a clone.

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Just getting back into I guess , been many years since I've played.. A friends child had a old version of ghost recon and that peaked my interest again.

Not sure if I'll play online or just on tv.. I'm new here looking to learn more about games and equipment.

I did just buy a xbox one off of ebay and bidding on a ghost recon game..

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Just finished RDR2.

Working on some backlog games now. The Witcher 3 I just started. BFV is my MP game.

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I started playing Monster Hunter Tri and I regret that I haven't played it before