Which game are you playing currently?

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#1 Posted by Zeenat (11 posts) -

I'm playing this game right now and it's so addictive. Some levels are too difficult to win. I'm sharing the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twNWO3uu0-I&t=1s

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#2 Edited by Rustarios (8 posts) -

I play early access games, most of them are survivals like Miscreated, Scum, etc... Now Im used to face bugs while Im playing, I remember the old good days playing singleplayer games where I couldnt find any noticeable bug...

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#4 Edited by Johndmgs (323 posts) -

Handheld wise, I'm playing Pokemon Sigma Emerald mostly (an Emerald hack which improves the game) as well as replaying Ocarina of Time 3D. I got Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 recently so I plan on starting that soon.

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#6 Edited by finejoeyoung (2 posts) -

@lucky112233: Is it available on mobile?

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#9 Posted by Stefi2000 (7 posts) -

Usually shooters. Right now I'm playing PUBG, new Vikendi map looks cool. Did you see exclusive "winter soldier" set on my dot com? I think it's one of the best sets ever.

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#10 Posted by Gizmojct (10 posts) -


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#11 Posted by Noodlez (5 posts) -

Been playing through Red Dead Redemption 2 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Also got back into Final Fantasy XI on the Nasomi server

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#12 Posted by princess_frog (8 posts) -

Minecraft Pocket Edition. Yeach, i'm almost 20, but the game is for all ages I think)

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#13 Posted by Pelpel_Studios (5 posts) -

I am playing Limbo these days again as I am designing a game like that. But it is not going to be a clone.

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#14 Posted by fireman64 (50 posts) -

Just getting back into I guess , been many years since I've played.. A friends child had a old version of ghost recon and that peaked my interest again.

Not sure if I'll play online or just on tv.. I'm new here looking to learn more about games and equipment.

I did just buy a xbox one off of ebay and bidding on a ghost recon game..

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#15 Posted by Vaidream45 (1966 posts) -


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#17 Posted by Shantmaster_K (1469 posts) -

Just finished RDR2.

Working on some backlog games now. The Witcher 3 I just started. BFV is my MP game.

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#18 Posted by greekwarrior46 (17 posts) -

I started playing Monster Hunter Tri and I regret that I haven't played it before

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#19 Posted by Cravenraptor (64 posts) -

Just installing BIOSHOCK!

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#20 Posted by RSM-HQ (8426 posts) -

Playing some Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch, dying my excitement down now, as I've given up having good matches online and the Single Player offerings are just not doing it for me. I'm just not having much fun with this game as I did with Soul Calibur VI (which I may dive back into)

Taking my time with that new FPS called Dusk on P.C. It's a really fun game, dare I mention it's better than D00M IV (from someone who ranks DIV very highly)

Tomorrow if I get chance will begin the new Arch Kulve Taroth siege on MH:W with my usual group (PS4). Still the best game of 2018, and now with G-Rank coming probably end up my favorite game of the generation!

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#21 Edited by xSelphie1999x (6 posts) -

Not really playing anything, I'm at the point where I have no idea what to play. Having said that I do seem to be skipping between both DAI and some of the FFXV DLC episodes as of late.

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#22 Posted by Valgaav_219 (2441 posts) -

Kingdom Hearts. It feels a bit dated but it plays great on PS4 due to improvements in the framerate. Next comes Chain of Memories then the rest of the series in chronological order. The marathon continues lol

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#23 Edited by evmost95 (2 posts) -

I've been playing things from Fortnite to Super Smash Bros to LoL. But recently been focusing on LoL to try and reach Diamond IV. Also just started Far Cry 5.

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#24 Posted by Gamerno6666 (6803 posts) -

Started God of War NG+ on give me God of war difficulty. Dunno if I will continue on though.

Gonna start playing Yakuza Kiwami again and also going to start Soma on PS4.

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#25 Posted by Litchie (24037 posts) -

Very into Smash Bros. Ultimate right now.

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#26 Posted by TouristJoshi (5 posts) -

I'm playing tourist bus simulator :) its nice

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#29 Posted by browsergames (7 posts) -

I'm currently playing browser games.

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#30 Posted by BlueIon (120 posts) -

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition

This is my second FFXV playtrhough. Loving it all over again, can’t wait to get to some on the royal edition dlc stuff :)

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#31 Posted by maestromage (7 posts) -


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#33 Posted by Yams1980 (3513 posts) -

Playing these games off and on, almost done most of them:

Sims 4, Dungeons 3, Warriors Orochi 4, Earth Defense Force 4, VTM Bloodlines, Sunset Overdrive, Two Point Hospital, Soul Calibur 6, Monster Hunter, Fallout 4

I gotta restart Skyrim at some point, i never finished the game. Got an old save from 2011 but i think i'll just scrap it and start new.

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#34 Posted by Mandzilla (4109 posts) -

Enter the Gungeon, it's addictive af.

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#35 Posted by blamix (831 posts) -

Back on AC Odyssey

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#36 Edited by kedkad (6 posts) -

I recently Purchased Assassin's Creed Odyssey from steam through gamesheavens What I like about it is that Across most of the zones, for example, Spartan and Athenian armies clash for control of territory. When one faction controls a zone, I can destabilize its grip on the region by killing soldiers, or burning and stealing supplies found in their heavily-guarded camps. When a faction’s control of a region is all but lost, a Conquest Battle opens up and I can enlist to fight on either side in exchange for powerful gear.

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#38 Posted by henrythefifth (2502 posts) -

Fallout 4 gets christmasy again! I wish all games had seasonal changes on the maps the same way..

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#39 Posted by CTR360 (8705 posts) -

elder scroll online kindmom hearts 1.5 and 2.5 dragon quest 11 spiderman RDR2 god of war assasin creed odyssey shenmue hd yakuza kiwami hollow knight

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#40 Posted by UglyMonsterFace (3 posts) -

I'm playing Red Dead Redemption 2 but I took a break from it for the holidays.

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#41 Edited by DEVILinIRON (4862 posts) -

Hot Shots Open Tee

Pinball FX 2

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#42 Posted by Pedro (34952 posts) -

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#43 Posted by JamesIssac (17 posts) -

Just Completed Far Cry 5 Looking for some new games

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#44 Posted by Zeggelaar (179 posts) -

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Vita

Dawn of War (modded)

Hotshots Golf Open Tee PSP

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#45 Posted by fireman64 (50 posts) -

Ghost recon.. And I'm not very good at it yet..

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#46 Posted by sukraj (27859 posts) -

FC5 and Spiderman

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#47 Posted by red_mad_cat (12 posts) -

I play Fallout Shelter. I've read about it somewhere on this forum and decided to try. My boyfriend and I have been playing it for two days. Though the game is boring sometimes and traveling takes too much time, we like it.

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#49 Posted by Hekarim (21 posts) -

@zeenat: Discovered the Warframe and this, the damn masterpiece.

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#50 Posted by Herrinha (18 posts) -

@hekarim: Dark Souls 3 is better if you know what I mean;)