which battlefield game is the best

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1 - 5

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Main one I played was Battlefield 1943, meh. .

Battlefield market is at a decline, shrinking in sales and jumping on the BR hype-train just to attempt at being relevant (despite being crushed by its own co-workers game, Apex Legends)

The older Battlefield gets, the more it's attempting to mimic Call of Duty, and till that horse is put down BF will continue to go downhill.

Never clicked with the slow paced RNG simulator FPS games anyhow; and much prefer the twitch FPS games like Quake: Champions, D00M IV, Halo, and Dusk

I'd even go back to Overwatch over a Battlefield personally.

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Battlefield 2142, easily. It was a more balanced and refined revision of Battlefield 2, which was already great. Plus, it had the most unique game mode Battlefield has ever had- Titan mode. It introduced the dog tag collection system, where you could knife someone and forever keep their tags on a ranked leaderboard of who you had knifed. You also had an in-game suite of stat tracking tools, including a ranked global leaderboard of players, far beyond anything we've seen since in Battlefield.

Unfortunately that was kind of Battlefield's peak, in my opinion. It only got dumbed down from there. Battlefield 3 was a good attempt at redemption, especially after Bad Company 2 where you couldn't even go prone, but fell significantly short.

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Battlefield 2 no doubt it has the best maps, best gameplay it didn't hold your hand like the new games the pacing was almost perfect teamwork was required and it felt rewarding same with weapon unlocks it took a long time to earn a new weapon they made a difference you didn't have a bunch of useless weapon attachments. If BF2 today had busy servers and wheren't filled with mostly bots I still would be playing it today. I don't care how great the graphics and destruction is in the new BF games for me the gameplay is completely trash and is super shallow. The series is so dumbed down now and forgettable Battlefield 2 to me is the last true BF game.

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Hard to say for me. Probably played Battlefield 2 the most but my favourite was Battlefield 2142 for its setting and for being the most balanced Battlefield game so far. Battlefield 1 is also really good. It's the only multiplat Battlefield game I really like and comes a close second to 2142.

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For me it's the original Vietnam, incredibly immersive game the Bad Company version failed to capture.

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Personal Opinion:

Battlefield Hardline

Here’s why:

It’s a different take on combat outside the world of military conflict

Battlefield Hardline released in 2015, is a Cops and Robbers style game with a few new game modes fitting the bill:



Squad Heist

Capture the Bag

Blood Money

Bounty Hunter

and many new maps set in places such as the Louisiana Everglades, or a warehouse (Growhouse) in an urban setting, etc, etc.

By far you could only customize your class via in-game during a match in Battlefield 4.

Hardline allows you to customize your class/agent via Multiplayer menu. Though its success failed on PC, console editions were filled with many different players.

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Battlefield 3. I liked close quarters dlc. Spotting allowed you to weed out campers. Maps seemed to be designed with the layout first then visual second so it played nicely.

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I had the most fun with BF Vietnam since it was the goofiest and it had a playable soundtrack. But I preferred the WW2 setting of 1942.

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Battlefield V in my opinion. I would like to see modern setting warfare in the next Battlefield.

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I was always a CoD guy over BF, but BF1 really got my into the series. Looked and played so good. Didn't care for any of the BF games prior except the Bad Company games. Tried getting into BF4, but the campaign was terrible and the MP just didn't grab me.

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Bad Company 2 followed closely by Battlefield 3. I haven't played any of the earlier ones.

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the ones I had the most fun with are Battlefield 2 and Bad Company 2

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Most fun I ever had with a multiplayer shooter. I would pay full price for an updated re-release of this game with the clan system intact.

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For me, Playerunknown battlegrounds and Battlefield 5 are on the top.