Where's Call of Duty revolutionary war?

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Where are the old call of duty games... The ones where you shoot a bow or a musket They could make one for medieval times which would be awesome Or one for the revolutionary war or civil war You could pick up a loaded dropped musket and shank people with bayonets or slash with a saber Maybe even like a hundred years war type one where you could shoot a crossbow at knights that are about to lop your head off Whats up with all the modern warfare stuff? What happened to the historical? You've got to admit, Call of Duty: Revolution sounds fun so does Call of Duty: 100 years war My question is... what would the mechanics be? and how would the plot go? And could you actually get on a horse and lop of heads because that would be fun!
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"Call Of Duty The Big Red One"?
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That's WWII, not before...