where all that great horror games gone?

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I was playing horror video games since the time of resident evil1 and silent hill 1 , we enjoyed that horror titles so much silent hill series and resident evil 1,2 and 3 and fatal frame were all amazing games, but these days there is no such games all the horror games now lack the puzzles and story telling in old horror games, except for evil within which tried to bring back the beautiful old days of classic horror.

what you think guys?

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alien isolation, until dawn and outlast have all done it for me in the last few years. all very different in style too. have you played any of those?

then you have games like dying light and the metro games which are a bit more action based. i haven't played it yet but soma looks pretty good. as for upcoming games days gone looks promising and outlast 2 is due soon

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On Steam (or PC in general). Your problem is you are expecting AAA developers to be able to create a quality horror experience.

Give Solarix, Soma and the Penumbra/Amnesia series a try.

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Silent Hill pretty much dead at this point.
Resident Evil...We will see after RE7.

So, the only hope for genre, if we're talking only about AAA games, is The Evil Within sequel. Playing TEW right now, and damn, this game is good. Better than any RE after 4, that's for sure.

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@foxhound_fox: I will try soma

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thank you guys for the suggestions.

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I'm expecting horror games to start making a comeback very soon thanks to VR.

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@wandering-man: Actually what do you mean by enjoy? Because, some people were too scared to play that games since it was too scary, does that count? I was a kid when RE 1-2 and SH 1 went published, I got no balls to play it. Years later, after I beat the RE3, I finally got some balls to play them and beat the game. Did I enjoy it? Hell no, I shit my pants when I first played it. I used to see ghost by my eyes, but that games were scare the hell out of me. LOL

Now I got the same feeling like you (perhaps). But I think, it's not that horror games scary as back then. It's us who had grown up and get used to horror games. This is my opinion. SH still scare the shit out of me. I hate to be in some place where I cannot see its end, kinda phobia bout that. Which is why, I got balls to play RE but it took years for me to play SH. LOL

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As mentioned in my own thread awhile back_

Horror and Survival Horror are undergoing a revival.

It'll take sometime before we have a modern collection to dabble with. However with Resi/ Bio returning home, a rumored TEW2 in the works, and other developers jumping in, I'm excited for the future. It just requires us to be patient.

Till then play some oldies. Haunting Ground/Demento and Siren/Forbidden are always worth checking out.

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There are still good ones out there.

I find a sense of horror and isolation from playing The Long Dark, and Amnesia is great.

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@chitosan87: I don't focus only on the horror theme of those old games, actually they had many factors besides horror that made them so good masterpieces, like a good story, puzzles, places, scenario, even music was very good, can you remember the music of silent hill and the music of resident evil save room.?

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Layers of fear was fantastically scary

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Blame youtube. Everything is a walking sim now because it's easy to comment on.

Lazy assholes have basically taken over the industry.

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@wandering-man: Aaah ... Now I get ur points. Yeah, I agree. I can still remember the music until today. It was very memorable. Yeah, horror games nowadays somehow cannot create that feeling. :p

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There are a surprising amount of horror games hiding on steam that are more than worth any horror fan's time. Games other than the overrated Outlast.

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I think the dilemma of a any game that places any concept or experience higher than its actual gameplay is either going spark discussions either like this or a discussion about how it nailed that concept/experience perfectly.... at the expense of gameplay depth.

In the case of a horror games the things necessary to make the game scary are the same things that make the gameplay suffer.

Say what you will about how not scary modern President Evil games are.... their mechanics have been improving.

BTW if anybody's got some reccomendations about Horror Games that are Scary and have a deep Gameplay Dynamic then please share. We all want to the best of both.

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@wandering-man: Someone else mentioned it, but Alien Isolation is the best game I've played since Mass Effect - and I'm not even a big horror fan. It's truly terrifying, VERY mis-represented by the majority of reviews, and dirt cheep - there's a trifecta for you!

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AAA horror games are very rare now but the genre is still pretty decent if you want to download indie games.

I feel the peak of the genre was the late 90s and early 00s. Resi 4, an absolutely great game, was also the death knell for horror games.

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There is a couple of good horror games with puzzle around.

The best of the best is SOMA

Than there is Outlast with the DLC

And than Amenesia Machine for pigs