What’s your favourite superhero based game so far?

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#1 Posted by Speeny (584 posts) -

I’m still an avid fan of the Spider-Man games. (Spider-Man 2 to be exact.) Which I know a lot of people will mention that one.

But, I think overall I really enjoyed the Arkham games most recently. Arkham Knight especially.

I grew up playing Batman Vegeance back in the day too. I’d love to see them create another Batman The Animated Series styled game. But it’s highly unlikely.

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#2 Posted by warmblur (1082 posts) -

Arkham City although Origins is a close second.

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#3 Posted by RSM-HQ (7455 posts) -

If I only selected a game I beat probably Crackdown, but I don't consider it a very good game, more of a guilty coop pleasure. Otherwise would pick Gravity Daze if I ever finished it.

Own the sequel of Gravity too but due to how movement and the perceptive changes constantly, I could only play them in short bursts. And in the end gave up. Otherwise it would cause nausea and vomiting. And that's no way to enjoy a hobby_

Worth noting though I don't play many games in which has playable super heroes throwing cars to stop thugs stealing from an old lady.

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#4 Posted by heljar75 (74 posts) -

Batman Arkaham series for sure. Arkham City as the favorite. Arkham Knight was fun, but I didn't enjoy all the repetitive tank battles.

A good second favorite is Spider-Man:Shattered Dimensions. The varying gameplay-mechanics for each Spider-Man was really fun.

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#5 Posted by Johndmgs (310 posts) -

Spiderman 2 on the PS2 was always fun to mess around in. Batman Begins is one I remember enjoying too.

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#6 Posted by DoroG1995 (2307 posts) -

Spider-Man 2000 by Neversoft(The developers of Tony Hawk) is my favorite one.

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#7 Posted by Johndmgs (310 posts) -

@dorog1995 said:

Spider-Man 2000 by Neversoft(The developers of Tony Hawk) is my favorite one.

That game was what introduced me to Marvel. One of my favourites on the PS1. I loved how they got Stan Lee to do the narration.

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Marvel vs Capcom 3, Batman (nes), Arkham City.

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Do the Ninja Turtles count as superheroes? If so, then definitely the Ninja Turtles games from the early 90s with Turtles in Time being #1.

If not, then I guess I would have to go with the first Spider-Man (2000) game on the PS1. Other than that, there hasn't really been any other superhero games that I have enjoyed.