Whats your favorite game?

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#1 Edited by Laurene19996 (7 posts) -

I like to phay Moto X3M

Moto X3M is an awesome bike racing game with 22 challenging levels. Grab a bike, strap on your helmet, surmount obstacles and beat the time on amazing off-road circuits

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#2 Posted by Telekill (7986 posts) -

Uncharted 2 is my current favorite but Uncharted 4 has the potential to take its spot.

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#3 Posted by mastermetal777 (3215 posts) -

For the moment, it's The Witcher 3

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#4 Posted by McGuffin (135 posts) -

My favorite game of all time...so far, is Metal Gear Solid 3. My favorite game at the moment is MKXL.

Mt all time top 5

1. MGS3



4. Nin ja Gaiden sigma 2

5. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

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#5 Posted by vespuche (1071 posts) -

I keep a top 3.

1 - Metal Gear Solid

2 - Final Fantasy X

3 - Uncharted 3

Seems like I post this at least once a week.

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#6 Posted by hillelslovak (12935 posts) -

Witcher 3, The Division, MGSV, XCOM 2, GTAV, AC Syndcate, Rise of The Tomb Raider, F04, MAss Effect, Dying Light The Following, and WWE NBA 2k16.

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Uncharted 4

Ratchet and Clank

The Last of Us





AC Origins

The Evil Within 2

Rise of The Tomb Raider

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#8 Posted by TerminalyInsane (99 posts) -

Mass Effect trilogy

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#9 Posted by BabyPulpFiction (246 posts) -

@terminalyinsane said:

Mass Effect trilogy

Drumroooollll: Resident Evil 4.

Followed by Bioshock Series & Mass Effect Series. All those feelings...

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#10 Posted by quatoe (7193 posts) -

Ocarina of Time, The Witcher 3, POP Warrior Within .

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#11 Posted by Schwah (9782 posts) -

I think I'll give that honor to Ultima VII: The Black Gate.

That game opened my eyes to how amazingly transportive games can be more than any game I played before or since. (Is that a word? transportive?) Looking back on that experience I can say that I probably spent WAY too much time dragging powder kegs into Castle Britannia's nursery to blow up the babies. Don't worry, I didn't grow up to wear lady skin. I think I was just amazing that you could do it, lol.

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#12 Posted by spike6958 (6701 posts) -

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#13 Posted by poe13 (646 posts) -

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

So many games have great aspects about them, but imo none of them capture them all in one game quite like this game. Beautiful soundtrack, great graphics (for the time), open world with wonderful and diverse environments connected into one cohesive "world" (deadly volcanic mountain, giant lake, hidden forest, castle, quaint towns and settlements, a desert, etc). It had a well-done story and the idea of traveling through time 7 years through picking up/putting down a sword felt very riveting to me as a 7-year-old back in 1998. The combat was spectacular with the Z-targeting, strafing, doing backflips, and that famous swordspin move. And it all felt strangely mature for a Zelda game in a way that no Zelda game ever has felt ever since The Wind Waker (which I still liked). The newer Zeldas don't have that mature feeling I got when I played Ocarina of Time (like fighting Dark Link, how ferocious Ganondorf is, the Shadow Temple having some really creepy enemies, the redeads, etc). The ending was also truly a wonderful send-off with everyone celebrating and dancing and so many musical parts coming back and combining into one grand finale. This game is hands-down the best video game ever made.

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#14 Posted by EthanCromwell (9 posts) -

Middle Earth. Shadow of Mordor. I can say that I lived this game.

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#15 Posted by matem12 (6 posts) -

My favorite game now is Skyrim, but I used to like playing Grand theft auto San Andreas, 3 , Oblivion,Bloodborne.

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#16 Posted by groowagon (4675 posts) -

i think it might actually be Dark Souls 3.

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#17 Posted by Vaidream45 (1140 posts) -

Wing commander 4

Final fantasy 9

Tie Fighter

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#18 Posted by thehig1 (6875 posts) -

Right now its Dark Souls 3, all time its Final Fantasy VII

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#20 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (17517 posts) -

Half-Life 2.

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#21 Posted by Nirogol (511 posts) -

First MAFIA, i have so much memories from this game's missions...i'm so old, this game was out in 2002.

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#22 Posted by mrbojangles25 (41835 posts) -

Tough choice.

Maybe Deus Ex? I play that a few times a year since it was released way back.

Maybe Aces of the Pacific? That game was way ahead of it's time. Or Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe? Playing the B-17 bomber was so much fun! Haven't played either of those games for at least two decades (jesus...) so that might just be nostalgia talking.

Neverwinter Nights was my first "real" RPG of the DnD nature, and it opened a whole new world to me, one that I had missed out on for a few years apparently. After that it was Planescape, Icewind Dale, and many other titles. Still, with the original game, expansions, and all sorts of great stuff, it was an incredible game full of depth, story, adventuring, and fun stuff. Had an online mode that I didn't play with, but I heard it was pretty fun, too.

Tough to choose just one haha.

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#23 Edited by Dunoid (72 posts) -

I don't know if people will be very happy about this, but...

Undertale is seriously great. It's the first game that actually made me laugh out loud at a joke, rather than something the game did wrong. It's one of the only games with characters so interesting and likeable that I bothered remembering all their names. It's the only turn-based RPG I've ever played where the combat wasn't a total slog (I bet some of you will disagree on that) thanks to the mini bullet-hell combat system. It's the first game I ever bought the soundtrack for. It's one of the only games in years that has actually surprised me. I played through it four times back to back, and each time there was something new to see (if you play differently, it feels like a whole new game). I've laughed out loud, gasped in shock, and been on the verge of tears while playing this game. If you want something familiar but at the same time so, so different, I recommend Undertale.

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#24 Posted by turtlethetaffer (18736 posts) -

Majora's Mask is my favorite game ever. Its atmosphere is so damn unique and its world is incredibly well executed. It feels unlike anything else in gaming despite its adherence to the Zelda formula. It's just so different and well executed.

A game that is my favorite out of a lot of recent ones is LISA: The Painful. Like Majora, it's unique as hell and has a perfectly executed story, tone, and atmosphere that makes the shifts between hilarity and genuine sadness feel organic versus feeling sudden and out of place.

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#25 Posted by rosinmonkekyx17 (3019 posts) -

Halo 3

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#26 Posted by Cloud_imperium (14734 posts) -
  1. Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
  2. Mass Effect 2
  3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  4. Thief: The Dark Project
  5. Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty
@nirogol said:

First MAFIA, i have so much memories from this game's missions...i'm so old, this game was out in 2002.

Fantastic choice.

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#27 Posted by Fairmonkey (1451 posts) -

Resident Evil 4

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#28 Posted by Lilseb93 (377 posts) -

My top 5 will always be:

1. Resident Evil 4

2. Super Mario 64

3. Pokemon Red/Blue

4. Final Fantasy 7

5. Fallout 3

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#29 Posted by heguain (1415 posts) -
  • The Witcher Trilogy, favourite: Witcher 3
  • Dragon Age series, favourite: Origins
  • Mass Effect Trilogy, favourite: Mass Effect 2
  • Fallout 4
  • StarCraft Duology, favourite: StarCraft II WoL
  • Deus Ex series, favourite: Human Revolution
  • Dark Souls series, favourite: Prepare to Die
  • Assassin's Creed II, Syndicate and Brotherhood
  • Resident Evil 1-4
  • Prince of Persia SOT Trilogy
    Thank you.
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#31 Edited by SapphireGod11 (55 posts) -

I have a top 7 favorite, This is in no particular order~

1. Resident Evil series

2. Devil may cry series

3. Tomb raider series

4. Final Fantasy series

5. Metal gear series

6. Silent Hill series

7. Five nights at Freddy's series

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#32 Posted by mastermetal777 (3215 posts) -

Well, since there are lists now:

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

2. The Last of Us

3. Xenogears

4. Metroid Prime

5. Chrono Trigger

6. BioShock/BioShock Infinite

7. Heavy Rain

8. Dragon Age: Origins

9. Bloodborne

10. Dark Souls

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#33 Posted by foxhound_fox (97373 posts) -

I really don't do the "all time" thing anymore, since things change, including my views of games I loved years ago.

Right now I'm in love with Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries. It's the perfect blend of action with some tactical elements and some very high-level customization. Really makes me wish for a more concentrated effort to bring the Battletech universe into the 21st century (it seems, for the most part, especially with regards to the fluff, to be stuck wholeheartedly in the 1990's, camp and all).

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#34 Posted by Jacanuk (16313 posts) -

@laurene19996 said:

I like to phay Moto X3M

Moto X3M is an awesome bike racing game with 22 challenging levels. Grab a bike, strap on your helmet, surmount obstacles and beat the time on amazing off-road circuits

Nice try with the spam/advertisment post.

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#36 Posted by darktruth007 (783 posts) -

I would say Mass Effect 2 and 3.

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#37 Edited by rollermint (632 posts) -

X-Com, the old ones and the new ones.

Mechwarrior series is a close second.

Gosh this isn't a very easy question, I have lists of favourite games...especially RPGs...

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#38 Posted by skullhammer22 (23 posts) -

My favourite games:

1. Ninja Gaiden (I-III)

2. Castlevania

3. Super Mario bros 3


1. Rage 2. Skyrim 3. Dark Souls II

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#39 Posted by Blueresident87 (5805 posts) -

Favorite of all time? Earthbound

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#40 Posted by rosinmonkekyx17 (3019 posts) -

Halo 1

Halo 2

Halo 3

Halo 3: ODST

Halo: Reach

Medieval 2 Total War

Shogun 2 Total War

Starcraft 2

Company of Heroes

Dawn of War 1 and all its DLC

Skyrim, although I prefer Oblivion


Mass Effect 2

Battlefield Bad Co. 1 and 2

Battlefield 3

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#42 Posted by Boonsaints6284 (43 posts) -

TOP 5 for me:

# 1. Fallout 3

2. Tomb Raider 3

3. MGS Snake Eater

4. Dark souls 1 2 or 3 all tied

5. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

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#43 Posted by Nirogol (511 posts) -

@boonsaints6284 said:

5. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Wow...what a game, definitely one if the best i've ever played.

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#44 Posted by Aquat1cF1sh (11095 posts) -

Such a difficult question to answer.

1. Animal Crossing
2. Banjo-Tooie
3. Pokemon Sapphire
4. Xenoblade Chronicles
5. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Struggling between putting Zelda or a survival horror title at number 5...

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#45 Posted by cainetao11 (35410 posts) -

Zillion-Sega Master system

Halo -cant pick just one

MGS3, 1, 5, 2,4

Half Life 2

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#46 Posted by Boonsaints6284 (43 posts) -

#@nirogol: yeah I might even put it ahead of 5th if i really think about how great that game was

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#47 Posted by yonyz (646 posts) -

For the time being, I really enjoy playing Rainbow Six Siege. Also started playing Overwatch today which is like TF2 all over again, without the hat nonsense, so it's really fun.

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#48 Edited by deactivated-5920bf77daa85 (3270 posts) -

The Sims 3. Man. What a great game if you like building stuff ^_^

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#49 Edited by York (10 posts) -

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Resident Evil: HD Remaster

Dino Crisis 2

Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut

Resident Evil 2

Dark Souls

Dino Crisis

Silent Hill

Silent Hill 2

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#50 Posted by jazzycmk (167 posts) -

Too many to name, especially when you start breaking it down by genre.

If I had to name one, I would say my sentimental favorite is Jedi Knight 2 : Jedi Outcast. Really made you feel like a Jedi badass. Light saberbattles are also still the best of any Star Wars game. You didn't just push a button for a pre-determined combo. You chose between light, normal, and heavy stances, and the way you moved affected how you swung your lightsaber. By the end when you had level 3 push and force lightning, you could just lay waste to entire crowds of stormtroopers.

A close second is Max Payne 2. Took the best elements of original Max Payne and improved them. Story was still gritty but not quite as dark and oppressive as original.