whats the best zombie game?

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whats the best zombie game?

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Coop: Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Island Riptide, Dead Rising 3

Single Player: Dead Rising 1-3, Resident Evil 1-4

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Technically, there are no zombies in Resident Evil 4.

Lollipop Chainsaw

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How about COD black ops zombies. I use to play the hell out of that mode with friends. Only thing I liked about Black ops.

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@marcheegsr said:

How about COD black ops zombies. I use to play the hell out of that mode with friends. Only thing I liked about Black ops.

You know, I bought that game JUST for the zombies mode. There is an allure to shooting zombies in the face while pretending to be Richard Nixon. Yelling "AROOOO!" after each round like the disembodied head of Richard Nixon in the Futurama series.

Hell I would have bought a game of nothing but that. Or watched a film of it.

Richard Nixon: Zombie Slayer. In cinemas- Christmas 2016

But to answer the question, Dead Rising is the best zombie game with Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare delivering an fantastic runners up showing. Both are really great for single player. I would have put RE2 on the list, but it wasn't strictly a zombie game, it was zombies and lickers and hunters oh my.

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The Dead Rising Series is my personal favorite, but State of Decay is a ton of fun as well.

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If Ganados count, then Resident Evil 4.

If not, then either Resident Evil 2 or Silent Hill 1 & 2.

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Resident Evil 1, 2, 3. Dying light looks like it's going to be pretty cool.

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Left 4 dead (the first one, not that part 2 garbage).

Hard to say really because a lot of games have zombies in them, but they aren't zombie games. Like I see a lot of people saying resident evil, but it isn't a zombie game because there are giant man eating plants, giant spiders, mutant lizard guys, giant ass mutated monster men and a lot more that aren't even human. Yeah left 4 dead has smokers, tanks and witches but they are just a tiny part of the game as its really about the zombie outbreak.

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Dead Island GOTY Edition, it's the most fun zombie game I've played by a long shot.

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The Dead Rising games are easily my favourite of the zombie games.

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Hard to say, if we limit it to games that is built up around Zombies?


Dead Island

ZombiU (yes it really is a good zombie game)

State of Decay

Either of the above in any given order.

Honerbly mentions being Dead Rising and L4D

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Stubbs the Zombie In :Rebel Without A Pulse.

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Left 4 Dead 2 and Dead island are Great.. also try The Last of Us it's not really a zombie game but its better than everything out there

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@marcheegsr: Played zombies more than the original game, 4 player co-op, serious discussions on where to hold out at, whos getting what weapons and why, what perks, who needed more money... twas awesome... best zombie game

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@RussianMeatClob said:

Stubbs the Zombie In :Rebel Without A Pulse.

Oh yeah! Loved that game!

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@ZZoMBiE13 said:

@RussianMeatClob said:

Stubbs the Zombie In :Rebel Without A Pulse.

Oh yeah! Loved that game!

Really wish that it had gotten a sequel...also wish I knew how to make the damn thing run on my P.C!

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The only one i ever liked was last years Walking Dead

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Dead Rising 3

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@user144 said:

whats the best zombie game?

Dead Rising 1-2

State of Decay

And The walking dead as number 1

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I just picked up State of Decay for the PC during the Steam sale. It was my one and only indulgence during this latest offering. After this summer, where the point went from saving money and became more about collecting games than actually playing any of them, I decided to take it easy for the rest of the year on Steam Sales.

Anyway, I played State of Decay when it came out for the 360. I loved the concept. But for whatever reason, I was into something else at the time and couldn't really get interested in it.

Now though, fresh on the heels of beating Dead Rising 3, I'm eager for some more zombie apocalypse survival stuff. And State of Decay looks better than ever for all the patching and updating that they have done in the interim. I'm eager to dig into the PC version and see how it's all shaken out. :)

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Resident Evil 0 - 3 are my favorites.

Recently finished State of Decay for PC it is more a management game than a zombie carnage but is very cool.

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Call of Duty World at War, Dead Island, the old Resident Evils

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state of decay is probably the only zombie game worth talking about to be fair, it's the one game which no one has ever even thought to do, a survival horror game in a gta style world, if only it was done by a big developer, that game beats every other zombie game hands down, because to be fair every other zombie is basicly a typical action game with zombies as the theme.

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Resident Evil 1-3

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The best zombie game isn't as easy as just picking one. I like ZombieU from the Wii U, also The Walking Dead from Telltale games, and the Dead Rising game series. All three are great at what type of zombie game that they are for instance Zombie U is a great survival horror, The Walking Dead from Telltale games is a great story based game, and the Dead Rising game series are just really fun arcade style gameplay.

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House of the Dead 2

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Resident Evil 1-4 / Dead Rising / Dead Island

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Disappointed in the lack of Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

One of the best zombies games by far.

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Me and one of my friends have played through the campaigns of Left 4 Dead one and two numerous times each, locally, so I'll say that.

Although, if RE4 counts, that'd be the king. Although the RE series as a whole is problematic, because, as someone else said, zombies are a very small part of the game. For every zombie, there's a mutant monkey, bug, shark, or other non human thing waiting.

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It's hard for me to say, since I'm so burnt out on the zombie craze. I used to love those games, but looking back on games that I loved at the time, I still look at them with complete apathy now. For example, I looooved Left 4 Dead when it came out (never cared for the second) but thinking about it now is met with one giant "meh".

There are still some games that take the concept and execute it exceptionally well, such as The Last of Us. However, they weren't technically zombies and the Clickers weren't the total focus anyway, so it's hard to call it a zombie game. Same goes for The Walking Dead, which I'd say is my favorite zombie game over the last few years but that was much more about the story/characters than the zombies.

Red Dead's Undead Nightmare was the last complete, zombie focused game I enjoyed before I got tired of slaying the decayed, walking corpses. I'm sure games like Dead Rising 3 (despite my personal disliking for the series) are excellent, but it isn't something that interests me currently.

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The Dead Space games were my favorite. Not exactly zombies, but fairly close.

Last of Us was great as well. The Walking Dead was good, but I never played through it a second time.

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Resident Evil 1-3

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Dead Nation is pretty good.