What's the best Action-Adventure series ever?

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#1 Posted by GreekGameManiac (6439 posts) -

Mine would be The Legend of Zelda.

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#2 Posted by AvatarMan96 (7324 posts) -

Gotta hand it to Zelda as well.

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#3 Posted by KlonkPro (25 posts) -
Croc Series
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#4 Posted by reza1368 (25 posts) -

gta series

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#5 Posted by simpaticoman (27 posts) -

GTA series for sure. Especially Vice City ;)

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#6 Posted by DiogoLouro (25 posts) -
Zelda for sure, I don't like GTA =/
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#7 Posted by Drakan11 (763 posts) -

Ico/Shadow of the Colossus if you count that a series. If not then I like Prince of Persia or Legacy of Kain.

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#8 Posted by fanirama (1195 posts) -
Nothing bests GTA:SA IMO. I loved GTA: VC as well, just driving around in a scooter listening to Flash FM. Good times. Also love Just Cause 2. Another wonderful action adventure game. And loosely fitting this category would be my all time #1 and #2 games - Demons Souls and Dark Souls.
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#9 Posted by alim298 (2747 posts) -

Gta series mafia 1 was good too but the sequel was not.

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#10 Posted by jasonkorrey (50 posts) -

For this you have to never miss the COD and BF. Both are great action-adventure series games for me and lots of the people are fan of this games. COD and BF both are great game as action series and people have enjoyed the great experience at here.

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#11 Posted by rgrambo (151 posts) -

Uncharted. Duh.

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#12 Posted by rgrambo (151 posts) -

Uncharted. Duh..


Followed by Mass Effect. Obviously..

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#13 Posted by thermalvision (146 posts) -

gta vice city gta -sa....& max payne 1 & 2 ....waiting for 3

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#14 Posted by Rioichi21Cooper (241 posts) -

Sly Cooper xD

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#15 Posted by Funky_Connor (417 posts) -

Probably Uncharted.

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#16 Posted by rigbybot127 (269 posts) -

Grand Theft Auto and Uncharted.

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#17 Posted by rigzzsy (349 posts) -

zelda, with SS being my favourite - a truly marvelous game

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#18 Posted by NiKva (8181 posts) -
Grand Theft Zelda
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#19 Posted by waterproof9 (403 posts) -

Grand Theft Auto IV is my favorite


Call of Duty

Assassin's Creed

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#20 Posted by silentx777 (25 posts) -

Zelda series, Uncharted trilogy, Mass Effect Trilogy, Batman:AA and AC

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#21 Posted by El_Zo1212o (6054 posts) -
Castlevania- the lore is consistent, the timeline is not convoluted, the music and gameplay are consistently awesome, the graphics are usually awesome(except for that confounded anime phase... I hope the art director got throat punched for that).
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#22 Posted by thenerd64 (33 posts) -

Those are FPS's...

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#23 Posted by thenerd64 (33 posts) -

assassins creed 2

batman arkhams both of them

kingdom hearts 2 and 358/2 days AND ALL OF THEM

Zelda: all of them specificly-four swords twilight princess-oot-ss-linx awakening-link to the past-

gravity rush

amazing spiderman


el shaddai

shaddow of the colosus

monster hunter tri

uncharted 2

infamous 2

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#24 Posted by jpm1276 (25 posts) -

Gotta go with Zelda.

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#25 Posted by POWXR (116 posts) -
Assassins Creed Series
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#26 Posted by GrindinGanja42o (25 posts) -
i agree gta is the most retarted game ever
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#27 Posted by GrindinGanja42o (25 posts) -
g t a is **** stupid, worst game ever
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#28 Posted by Unchartedfan1 (25 posts) -


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#29 Posted by Thorgallll (138 posts) -

Zelda of course.

1. Ocarina is on top of almost every list of best games of all times

2. This series has really proven itself in its long existance. This game its age cant be beaten by any of here mentioned

3. No disappointments. Every game is a gem of it own

4. We are not taking about two or three games which did turn out right by accident.

5. Zelda has sold the most games by far.

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#30 Posted by DonMaldini14 (130 posts) -
Prototype series(huh guess I'm the first to say so)
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#31 Posted by khatibi22 (7323 posts) -

Man! There are so many great AAs around. My own favorite is Tomb Raider series but I think GTA SA is also one of the best made games ever.

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#32 Posted by AzureDrive (56 posts) -
Sonic Adventure and Zelda.
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#33 Posted by AFBrat77 (26346 posts) -


...and yes Metroid Prime is an Action/Adventure game

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#34 Posted by sknight175216 (491 posts) -

I'd have to go with the Batman Arkham series. Pretty much flawless.

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#35 Posted by Dr_Flu (25 posts) -
Uncharted, without a doubt. But I suppose I haven't played Mass effect or GTA...
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#36 Posted by Purplepotatoe (25 posts) -
Onimusha anyone
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#37 Posted by thebest31406 (3775 posts) -
Resident Evil is my favorite (before RE6 of course)
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#38 Posted by The_ham_ham (25 posts) -
1. Uncharted series 2. Max Payne series 3. God of War series GTA isn't action adventure in the genre sense, it is more a sandbox/ open world adventure, also COD and BF are clearly FPS. -e- almost forgot, Batman AA and Batman AC were awesome.
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#39 Posted by cbb1018 (86 posts) -
Ohh wow this one is tough.....I really liked Red Dead Redemption and Uncharted but i just picked up far cry 3 and i think that one is going to be my favorite out of them all.
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#40 Posted by Saladin__7 (116 posts) -
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#41 Posted by kaiserdisco (78 posts) -

Top: Final Fantasy

2nd: Zelda

3rd: Assassin's Creed

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#42 Posted by Azzurri22 (168 posts) -
Uncharted for me. An honourable mention for Mass Effect too.
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#43 Posted by Shinobi-Neo (254 posts) -

SMT nocturn and Tomb Raider 2 for me.

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#44 Posted by SuperRajio (25 posts) -
Has to be Zelda for me, no other like it, really. Gotta mention Assassin's Creed and the Batman games (Arkham Asylum and City) though, those two were great series as well
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#45 Posted by godofwar213 (25 posts) -
god of war worthy mentions are final fantasy and batman arkham asylum
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#46 Posted by EbenOlemaun (25 posts) -

Not even close. Those titles are FPS, not action and adventure in the slightest.

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#47 Posted by EbenOlemaun (25 posts) -
Did you seriously just call Final Fantasy an action-adventure series? Really?
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#48 Posted by UmaSama (87 posts) -

Since people are naming FPS and RPG's here, I'm gonna go full retard and say that the best AA series is Civilization...

Now seriously, prolly Uncharted. Assassins Creed, God of War, Zelda, with Uncharted 2 Among Thieves being maybe the best AA title ever made.

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#49 Posted by Dexter-010 (494 posts) -
Zelda back in the '90s and GTA series.
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#50 Posted by MAS_100 (77 posts) -

I'd definitely have to say the GTA series. Consistently excellent game which are always incredibly fun to play.