What was the first handheld console you owned?

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For me, I owned a hand-me-down GBC for a while that my mother originally played.

But, later I bought the GBA with my own money.

The original Nintendo DS was probably the handheld I spent most of my time on though.

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I got Original Gameboy as my first handheld. It was at a pawn store for $30. I really wanted it and it came with Mario. Parents didn't have the money for it but on the way home dad bought a scratchy and won $40, So he bought it for me. Played it for half a week on and then off cause of batteries. Eventually dad made me a charger.

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GBA for me. Even with the terrible no backlighting I somehow really enjoyed this thing for many years. Then I got the DS then 3ds and now the Switch. Nintendo puts a lot of love into their portables and I have tons of fun on them.

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@vaidream45 said:

Nintendo puts a lot of love into their portables and I have tons of fun on them.

Yep, definitely.

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The gbc.

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Game Gear. I played a lot of Sonic 2, Super Columns, Lion King, Adventures of Batman & Robin, and F-15 Strike Eagle. It's a battery guzzler though, so you have to carry extra batteries or the AC adapter around.

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The old chunky Nintendo DS. And with it my love for CastleVania ツ

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Game Boy Color (colour!).

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@RSM-HQ: Yep, I racked up many hours on my chunky DS too. Then when the DS Lite came out, made things even better.

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Good Question well in my case it was an sony E-581B.


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Either some Tiger handheld game or the original Gameboy....

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GBA SP. I have happy memories of that handheld.

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Interestingly the first handheld I had was a PSP. I'm old enough to remember when the original Gameboy came out in the late 80's and the Game Gear in the early 90's, but they never appealed to me.

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I had the extra power brick too

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The original GameBoy when it first came out.

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@speeny said:

@RSM-HQ: Yep, I racked up many hours on my chunky DS too. Then when the DS Lite came out, made things even better.

Yeah, it released with new Super Mario Bros. Great times. Some of the re-releases of games like Chrono Trigger and Makai Senki Disgaea also made the system stellar.

While the PSP offered Monster Hunter, it was loud, clunky, overheated easily, and would crash commonly. DS despite being technically inferior was superior as a handheld device. And when 3DS got the MH brand I recall most MH fans being very happy with the decision. Because PSP was not very comfortable. Which is the most important aspect of handheld gaming.

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The original Nintendo Gameboy with the pack in game Tetris

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The first Gameboy that came to the U.S and my first game was Tetris. I'll list the handhelds I have own in the past:

  1. OG Gameboy
  2. Gameboy Color
  3. Gameboy Advanced SP
  4. Neo Geo Pocket (worst handheld I own)
  5. PSP (still love it)
  6. Nintendo DS
  7. 3DS XL
  8. PS Vita (got the Vita very late in it's life time)
  9. Game Gear
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#22 Posted by SOedipus (11548 posts) -

Gameboy Colour

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The original Gameboy that my Grandma got for me, man I had so much fun with that thing.

Super Mario Land 2, Final Fantasy Adventure, Final Fantasy Legend 2 and 3, Gargoyle's Quest, Double Dragon II.

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The Game and Watch. Anyone remember those?

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First was Game Boy Color. Last was Nintendo DS. My favorite is Game Boy Advance SP.

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I played with the OG Gameboy, Gamegear. both were not that great but I didn't own those.

The first that I bought was the GBA along with my Gamecube. I didn't kept the system for too long like a few months.

Then I saw the Vita and was impress. So I bought one and still own one and play it from time to time. I also bought a 3DS but didn't enjoy it that much.

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Technically the Game Gear for me.

I only had it for a few days though (it was faulty), so we took it back and bought a pair of Gameboys instead.

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The GameBoy Color. The special yellow one with Pikachu on it.

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One of those awful Tiger handhelds if they count, otherwise it was the transparent Gameboy with the Yoshi game.

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Coleco Head to Head baseballl

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the original game boy for me, before color and advance came out.. and i also had the sega handheld as well

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The original game boy. Came with some shooting game and a tiny toons game, though the first game I actually bought for it was Pokemon Yellow.

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hard to believe pokemon is already that old

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My dad bought me a Gameboy Colour with Pokemon Silver :)

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OG fat gameboy with Tetris and super Mario land.