What type of gamer are you, fast, slow?

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#1 Posted by GhettoBlastin92 (1231 posts) -

When I say that, I mean are you the slow and steady, find everything do everything type, or are you the type who tries to beat a game as fast as possible. Me I fit into the first category, I spend a lot of time at work and trying to get back into school so I am the slow and steady type, it will take me forever sometimes to beat a game lol. Plus, I like to make a great game last.

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#2 Posted by PetJel (3725 posts) -

I have way too many games left to play to complete them all, let alone try to get archievements. Sometimes I' ll get a new game that I get really get into (Dishonored for example) and I play the hell out of it for a few days / weeks. But longer games like rpg's I tend to get distracted half way through and don't finish it until months later.

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#3 Posted by whiskeystrike (12172 posts) -

I used to be the slow and thorough kind of gamer, always approached games methodically. Now I'm just kind of sporadic and in the air

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#4 Posted by GamerZem (526 posts) -

I just have too many games for me to spend a lot of time on. For a game I really enjoy, I'll try to go slow.

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#5 Posted by WaterSphere (203 posts) -
Usually take it slow. I love linear shooters, but usually go about them faster than other genres.
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#6 Posted by sukraj (27501 posts) -

I like to take my time when i play games.

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#7 Posted by wis3boi (32507 posts) -

MMOs I try to play fast, everything else slow. I examine everything, look at the details, find hidden things, finish all content. I find no pleasure in rushing something like Skyrim, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, etc.

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#8 Posted by Jackc8 (8515 posts) -

I'm extremely slow. Gotta check every nook and cranny of ever environment - who knows maybe there's an awesome weapon stashed back there. I don't do every sidequest but I'm sure I was 100 hours into Skyrim before I even got halfway through the main quests.

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#9 Posted by capaho (1253 posts) -

I'd say I'm methodical (is that slow?). I like open world games with a lot of side missions or other secondary activities, areas to explore and hidden things to find. I'm not fond of linear games that keep me on a narrow path, especially if the game sets the pace rather than letting me move along at my own speed.

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#10 Posted by Reptylus (1875 posts) -
I do everything that is interesting. I'd help every unimportant maiden in distress but I would never go and collect a hundred feathers across 3 cities. The only games I really rush through are rqacing games. But that's a given.
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#11 Posted by Nintendo_Ownes7 (30973 posts) -

It depends on the game some games (Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus) I'm really fast and beat the game 100% in a day; Other games (Red Dead Redemption) I take my time and constantly gets distracted with side missions, challenges, and exploring to even do the campaign.

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#12 Posted by Justforvisit (2660 posts) -

Good question, there is neither the one, nor the other for me. I usually love to do sidequests if they're fun and don't repeat themselves too often, but if a game asks me to find 700 collectibles without any help I'd just collect those I can pick up along the way of the normal story progression.

Games like Infamous 2, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Saints Row The Third and The Amazing Spiderman though handle collectibles pretty good, you have to find a certain amount by yourself and in the first three mentioned games so you get the option to let them indicate on the map, but this option is free so for people who lave to check every corner of a city still can do that, while in Spiderman it will be automated. In THIS case I'm a "slow" gamer as you call it and go for all the collectibles, but with them all showing up on the map it's still a pretty quick process :P

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#13 Posted by free_milk (3903 posts) -

I normally take it slow and try to do everything.Especially if the game is short and has littel replay value after completition.

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#14 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (21090 posts) -
If I enjoy the game I'll try to do every sidequest. If not, I'll beat the story mode as quick as possible and cast the game into the fire
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#15 Posted by Archangel3371 (23853 posts) -
I'm in the middle. I like to take some time and do a fair share of the ancillary stuff in many of my games.
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#16 Posted by GhettoBlastin92 (1231 posts) -
Good responses people.
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#17 Posted by CUDGEdave (2592 posts) -

Slow..especially after 6 cans of carling black label!

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#18 Posted by Smokescreened84 (2565 posts) -
It depends on the game and my mood along with my concentration. RPG's and strategy games I tend to play slowly while any game that only has a lifespan of a few hours or less - which is normal for the majority of games today - I end up playing fast without intending to due to how short lived they are and lacking.
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#19 Posted by MathMattS (4012 posts) -

I often try to be slow and steady-- this also applies when I'm actually playing. Incidentally, I tend to suck at competitive multiplayer-- I'm too cautious and conservative.

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#20 Posted by Allicrombie (26213 posts) -
painfully slow.
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#21 Posted by Venom_Raptor (6959 posts) -

Slow. I couldn't play fast, especially if it's my first time playing a game. I love to explore and make sure I don't miss a thing.

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#22 Posted by oASSASSINo (27 posts) -
I am a perfectionist when it comes to games. I like to collect all the extra items, exploring every location, completing all the side quests and lastly getting all the trophies. Whoever came up with the idea to give gamers the option to collect extras on the side, and reward them for it.
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#23 Posted by NiKva (8181 posts) -
Fast, I hardly do optional missions in games, unless I'm looking for a certain item, or in Borderland's case, trying to level up faster.
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#24 Posted by GhettoBlastin92 (1231 posts) -
I am trying to go slow through Deadspace 2 now, had it before but never finished it.
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#25 Posted by archvile_78 (8438 posts) -

Depends on the game, normally though i always end up trying to 100% them but my first time through, i focus on story then side-contents (if any) after.

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#26 Posted by Namgis (3592 posts) -

The first time I play through a game, I search every nook and cranny I can find. I'm an explorer. Been so forever. Every time after that, unless I am trying for a specific achievement/trophy, I burn through the game trying to best my previous attempt. One of my main gripes about games is non skipable cut scenes. I can understand them being on by default, but we should be able to turn them off if we so choose.

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#27 Posted by GeoffZak (3715 posts) -

Slow and steady. I try to appreciate the game. And I hate it when I finish a game I really like.

Like Tales of the Abyss. I was both really happy and upset when I beat the game. Happy because it felt like an accomplishment, and the game has a good ending, but also upset because it was all over and I really wanted to the story to continue.

So I try my best to savor every minute of games I like.

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#28 Posted by Mo-licious (602 posts) -

MMOs I try to play fast, everything else slow. I examine everything, look at the details, find hidden things, finish all content. I find no pleasure in rushing something like Skyrim, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, etc.

Yeah, I feel the same way. I don't have to do absolutely everything but I like to get as full of an experience as I can.
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#29 Posted by TrainerCeleste (1633 posts) -
Slow and Steady, I mostly play RPGs so I go around to find any gear that i can and make sure my parties are over leveled. Once I beat a game then I will play it again slow and steady and handicap myself to make it more of a challenge o3o Now if I ever buy dark souls~ Idk if I'll need to handicap myself o3o
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#30 Posted by HipHopBeats (2850 posts) -

Slow and steady. I like to explore and not rush, especially if I'm having fun playing. My greatest gaming experiences came from taking my time and throughly enjoying the campaign. If I want a quick game, I'll hit up multiplayer.

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#31 Posted by Canvas_Of_Flesh (4052 posts) -
I don't have a lot of time to play games much anymore, so when I get a game I tend to blow through it pretty quickly and not worry about busywork collectathons. If I really love the game then I'll take quite a bit more time with it, but it seems most games these days just have the trimmings to pad the length of the game, not because they're actually fun things to do.
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#32 Posted by CooperThief (648 posts) -

If I get a new game, I'll play the campaign for a couple hours at a time. I don't like to rush things. But sometimes I get sucked in and play through the night.:P

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#33 Posted by lensflare15 (6614 posts) -

Depends on what type of game it is. For Open-world type games I take awhile, other games like Action or FPS I move through them pretty quickly.

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#34 Posted by TheLordHimself (3316 posts) -

I often play quite slowly. If a game is truly great I want the experience to last as long as possible.

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#35 Posted by jsmoke03 (13696 posts) -

i would say a moderate pace....

but if i had to pick between slow or fast, im a faster gamer than a slower one....

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#36 Posted by Celldrax (15043 posts) -

Explore ALL the corners.

Definitely a slow gamer. I'm usually more interested in getting sidetracked than completing the actual story (mind you, I still intend on getting that far).

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#37 Posted by SoNin360 (6747 posts) -
Depends. I spend a lot of time with open world games and do a quite a bit of side stuff between main missions. Games I rent or ones that are more linear I generally go through rather quickly. Sometimes I'll return later and try to get all or most of the trophies.
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#39 Posted by darkengy (171 posts) -
As much as I want to become a fast-paced gamer, I end up being the slowest in our family since I really want to appreciate everything on what I'm playing
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#40 Posted by Business_Fun (2282 posts) -

Faster than prunes through a short grandmother.

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#41 Posted by riou7 (10841 posts) -

Kinda slow but it also depends on how good the game i was playing

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#42 Posted by dkdk999 (6760 posts) -
I'm so slow I took 80 hours to complete dragon age origins.
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#43 Posted by BARRICADE_28 (154 posts) -

I'm very slow, I like to explore all of the gaming world I'm in and examine most of the neat graphics and textures, so I explore every nook and cranny. If there's an area of a map that shows I haven't explored it just drives me crazy lol

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#44 Posted by Lord_Terrapin (45 posts) -
I have always been a slow and thorough player, it is never fun to rush through a game. I find it to be fun to explore and find everything that I can find.
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#45 Posted by JigglyWiggly_ (24616 posts) -
Fast except for very select games that I know are short and may not have a sequel coming/ever.
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#46 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -
i am mostly a slow gamer, i like to do everything a game has to offer
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#47 Posted by Rattlesnake_8 (18452 posts) -
I don't have much time to play games anymore, so I tend to take my time and make the most of each game.. unless it's a game I rent just to play through the single player. Currently playing through Medal of Honor just to play through it as fast as I can cause I just wanted to check out the campaign. I knew it was short so just wanted to check it out fast. Then back to AC3.. I'm on sequence 10 and debating if I should go back and do side missions or just trade it in when I'm done before the value on it drops.
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#48 Posted by danielfadel (25 posts) -
I'm in the middle. I like to take some time and do a fair share of the ancillary stuff in many of my games.Archangel3371
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#49 Posted by coasterguy65 (7133 posts) -

Slow and steady. I try to find everything, and complete all the side quests. I play games to enjoy them, not to brag about how fast I was able to play through a game. Seems like a waste of $60 to rush through something.

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#50 Posted by The-Gamer (109 posts) -

Definitely slow.