What mecha based video game can you recommend to play?

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I'm trying to challenge myself and play only games where you can control a giant war robot (the reason is I'm kinda obsessed with this genre, do not ask why I really don't know). So I've already played MechWarrior, Hawken and Titanfall. Please suggest something similar

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Metal Wolf Chaos XD just came out

I haven't played it yet but it looks interesting. It's apparently a remake of an old From Software game.

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If you're ok with older stuff then Aquales is a lotta fun.

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There's always Armored Core. I'm no expert on the series, but most people seem to think 3 is the best.

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Armored Core: For Answer is the only right answer. As any AC fan would tell you, Mech Warrior is really bad compared to Froms offerings.

But as @pyro1245 mentions MWC is really good also, considered a spin-off to the AC franchise. Just don't expect it to play with modern control comforts. It was a game made in the 128-bit generation, and plays like one.