What is your favorite fighting game franchise?

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Poll: What is your favorite fighting game franchise? (80 votes)

Street Fighter 19%
Tekken 21%
Mortal Kombat 13%
Injustice 4%
Soul Calibur 8%
Smash Bros 15%
Marvel vs Capcom 3%
Killer Instinct 4%
Other 15%

Recently started really getting into fighting games. I'm wondering in your opinion what is the best overall franchise.

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#51 Posted by Johndmgs (316 posts) -

My top three picks would be Smash Bros, Bushido Blade and the WWE games.

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#52 Posted by Zeenat (12 posts) -

Street Fighter. Also, there's another fighting game that I'm loving currently. You can check the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xykLnq8zK0o

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#53 Posted by burrowslincoln (3 posts) -

@ valgaav_219 : good

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#55 Posted by Speeny (668 posts) -

I went with Tekken. It's what a grew up with. Second would be Smash bros.

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#56 Edited by SecretLiar (1 posts) -

Tekken is always the best!

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#57 Posted by Crimsonllama (255 posts) -

is it weird that I liked the dbz budokai games? i'm not really into fighters so it wouldn't surprise me if they were looked down upon because I actually enjoyed them.