What internet plans real-time multi-player games require?

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I have a big social circle and once upon the gathering, four or five of my friends from different groups told me that they have known each other from quite a long time. And when I asked them how they all said the same thing at the same time: CSGO. Well, I was confused too. Counter-Strike is another game amongst a list of multi-player games gaining the heat these days.

Real-time multi-player games are gaining quite the fame these days amongst people of almost ages. I often find myself waking up in the middle of the night to my brother yelling at his friends while playing PUBG. From finding your best mates through Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or the excitement of getting a new Fortnite skin on an A grade in your classes but what exactly do these games offer? What really is multi-player gaming? Today I will tell all that you need to know.


Certain game developers provide a platform to connect different players who wish to play with other online gamers. Users have to sign in in order to be on the same platform to start gaming online with other players. Today, many games like PUBG or Forza Horizon are gaining the heat. However, this requires more than the app itself. One important thing is a reliable internet connection for a smooth transfer of data messages. Internet connections with a high latency level can abrupt the game performance and make it an unpleasant experience. This is one of the reasons why today many internet service providers are in the race to provide better connections to their vast entertainment-loving audience. There are certain very important things gamers look for while searching for an internet connection.


1. Low Latency: Latency is basically the amount of time it takes for a system to respond to a message. Having a conversation with some gamers, I have definitely realized how much they loathe a sloppy internet connection. The quicker the messages are sent and received to and from the different players, the smoother and better the time you play the game becomes. The first and foremost valuable for a pleasant online gaming experience is definitely an internet connection with a lower latency level.

2. Unlimited Data: “You have maxed out your data limit”. It’s easy to run out of MBs once you start gaming online which again can be a big mess and abrupt a pleasant gaming experience. Before you sign up for multiplayer games, you definitely need to keep in mind the excessive data usage it requires and the data caps many Internet Service Providers often have. Unlimited data can always be your safe side.

3. High bandwidth: Network bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that can be passed between two interfaces in one second. For example, if your Internet Service Provider offers 50 MB internet bandwidth then 50MBs worth of data can be downloaded in one second. High bandwidth is a very critical factor when talking about a better multi-player gaming experience. The faster you respond and get a response from other players, the smoother your experience becomes.

Cable internet providers are doing great in providing gamers the reliable connection that they require. Xfinity cable deals offer unlimited data plans, high bandwidth, and a low latency level. Xfinity X1 double play and Xfinity X1 triple play bundles propose incredible speeds and data plans at an affordable price. However, Xfinity does have a data cap but that too at 1000 GBs which is more than enough for most households. Most customers don’t reach anywhere near 1 TB, but in case you do happen to reach that enormous data allowance, you can still get extra data at the rate of $10 per month for 50 gigabytes. Or else, you can also opt for an unlimited data plan for just as little as an additional $50.

Satellite Internet Service Providers like HughesNet or Viasat Exede internet can also be an option but due to the gigantic distance between the satellites and users, they have a comparatively higher latency level which means they can only be good for turn-based games like multiplayer poker. This makes Cable internet a better choice than satellite internet for gamers.

Once you get the internet connection with the above requirements, all that you have to do next is to download the game you wish to play. Then you are all set! Invite your friends to play along or find a new mate through your favorite game. Multi-player games can be too much fun but they require more time. Make your time worth the while and don’t rely on an unstable internet service provider. Comcast Xfinity can be a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs. Choose the best internet plan for your gaming needs today.