What happened to Ion games ?(thief dev)

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What happened to Ion games (thief and deus ex )can anyone tell me ? Is there a big concentration of their members on some studio ? Does eidos Montreal (deus ex 3 and new thief)have anything to do with them ? P.S. Why does Wikipedia state that the plague element in thief 4 is borrowed by dishonored when it's the other way around ? Thanks .
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they were owned by eidos, but key figures split up and pursued their own interests after some poor spending. warren spector ended up at junction point where he was the lead on the epic mickey games. john romero has been all over the place, doing mobile games and being involved in gauntlet and area 51games. harvey smith is currently at arkane studios, the makers of last year's dishonored.

however, eidos still owns the rights to their series like deus ex and thief, so they are free to make sequels and reboots with other developers (like eidos montreal).

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What LoG said. Worth noting that they went into financial trouble after the Romero half of Ion Storm blew over $10 million on Daikatana, which was terrible and sold poorly. The company was kept standing for a while longer thanks to the Deus Ex franchise and Thief Deadly Shadows, but they weren't enough to save the company from bankruptcy. Luckily Eidos managed to salvage Deus Ex and hopefully Thief as well.