What gaming series do you want to see return next gen?

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#1 Posted by warmblur (2988 posts) -
  • Mirror's Edge 3 or whatever they call it
  • GTA obviously, crazy we never got one this gen GTAV remaster don't count
  • A new Max Payne game
  • Splinter Cell
  • Mass Effect if Bioware are still around
  • Watch Dogs but a true sequel to the original
  • A new Batman Arkham game
  • Far Cry 6
  • Alan Wake sequel
  • Sleeping Dogs 2 wishful thinking
  • Mafia 4
  • Bioshock
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Golden Sun, Final Fantasy Tactics and a new top-down The Legend of Zelda, but you listed all the ones I'd like to see like Bioshock.

I know it's not a series but I'd like to see a sequel to L.A. Noire in modern times or stay in the 50's.

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#3 Posted by uninspiredcup (34944 posts) -

I want to say Legacy Of Kain, but they'll probably do a Tomb Raider type reboot, and i'll probably end up hating it.

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#4 Posted by Arkhalipso (2397 posts) -

I see Max Paine and Splinter Cell being thrown around here on the forum. I get the feeling someone has a lot of alts or these games are alot better than I remember them.

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So many come to mind so will try and pick underdogs-

Dragon's Dogma 2 seems to be a sure bet. Heavily hinted to be Itsuno Hideaki san teams current project.

Psycho Break 3, too many nods at a continuation, yet the sequels sales are likely a reason this isn't happening anytime soon. Honestly in no hurry, let us see what Tango does with GhostWire first I guess.

A new Armored Core, vastly prefer them over Soulborne games, always have. Or at least do a remaster of For Answer considering it's the best Armored Core game. Perhaps hand out the idea as they did Metal Wolf Chaos.

Siren, it's time. Gravity Daze ended and on a high note (critically). Let's go back horror. Many here don't seem to recall but Team Siren/ Gravity are the original developer at Konami who developed all the good Silent Hill games. It's in the blood, and Survival Horror is back on the rise. Let's go!

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#6 Posted by Speeny (1960 posts) -

Yeah, another Alan Wake would be good.

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#7 Posted by Ezekiel43 (1789 posts) -

Max Payne 4, with shoot dodging enemies!

Max is in his late forties in Max Payne 3. If a sequel came out now, he would be in his fifties. I want a younger character, because I want faster movement, at least as efficient as in the multiplayer. They should move nimbly and efficiently, but have weight too. I liked the balance in Max Payne 3, but I think it could be improved. I would make Max a recurring character who sort of drives the story. You would view him through the perspective of this young new character, who now narrates the story. Kind of like how Solid Snake became cooler when you played as Raiden and watched him in Metal Gear Solid 2. It will still be very much about Max, hence the name Max Payne. Maybe he appears corrupt and you have to figure out some truth. I think Max should get involved in whatever mess he’s in because he believes in it, feels he has to. I don’t want him to get dragged into it again and be a painkiller-addicted depressive. I want him to be more optimistic this time, so that it doesn’t feel like a repeat.

I kind of want the nightmare sequences back.

I really, really want shoot-dodging enemies. It makes the action more exhilarating. I know because I play the multiplayer and have also dabbled in Double Action: Boogaloo. There’s something really satisfying about filling a guy with holes as he’s flying through the air. They should also be able to roll and slide on the ground, just like Max.

A slide button. A slide button! Actually, it wouldn’t even need to be a dedicated button. Just have him slide when you hold the crouch button while running with the Ctrl key.

Keep the carry system from Max Payne 3, but add a second two-handed weapon that can be slung over the character’s shoulder, whether it be a shotgun or grenade launcher or sniper rifle. Combined with the two sidearm holsters (number keys 1, 2 and 3, the third being for dual pistols), that would give me pretty much all the firepower I need. Make the range of the shotguns exactly like in Max Payne 3 (meaning far). Bring the grenades back. They were there in the multiplayer (where you could even cook them) and in both games prior. Bring in the melee system from the multiplayer. You HAVE to press the melee button; it doesn’t just happen automatically when you press the fire button in front of someone.

Keep the shoulder swapping from Max Payne 3. I don’t like the way Red Dead Redemption and Uncharted do it. You can only swap shoulders while zooming with the aim button. I feel like that’s the standard now, but it’s too limiting for a game that lets you run and shoot accurately at the same time.

I still want it to be linear, but it needs more open areas and fewer interruptions than Max Payne 3, so that the player can more freely experiment with the weapons and try different approaches. I also want to be able to blow holes into walls to create routes and escapes. Which brings me to my next point.

Much more destruction. The destruction in the Hong Kong shoot ’em up movies that these games were originally inspired by bordered on pornographic. I want to see exploding glass, sparks, confetti, rubble, splinters, fire… Walls and furniture need to deform and give way, changing the situation. I want the enemies to react to all of this, whether it’s glass exploding into their eyes or gasoline lighting them on fire. This destruction also needs to apply to the enemies. I want to be able blow their limbs off and explode them, as they tumble, fly back and fall realistically. Rockstar’s Euphoria engine can be used for this. The enemies should fly back a little more dramatically than in Max Payne 3, I think. I would appreciate more armor on enemies. Call me strange, but I actually prefer the later levels of Max Payne 3, like the police station, where the enemies are wearing helmets and body armors. I don’t want to be able to instantly drop everyone with headshot.

Let me shoot in two directions, Devil May Cry 3 gunslinger style. Maybe you would press the side buttons of the mouse to blind-fire to the side with one arm, with a small amount of auto-aim added to the blind shot. This auto-aim would only activate when the enemy is nearby, similar to a melee.

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#8 Posted by Speeny (1960 posts) -

To add to my previous post, I think I read somewhere that we'll never see a new entry again but, a new Klonoa game would be great.

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@speeny said:

a new Klonoa game would be great.

Interesting fact. The developer (Now Production) who worked on Klonoa also made the Katamari games. Sadly they closed down a while and was already seeing a lot of trouble when Takahashi Keita san left the studio before hand.

Considering Katamari has seen a somewhat revival, would be nice if Klonoa does as well.

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#10 Posted by SOedipus (11577 posts) -

Dead Space
Grand Theft Auto
Onimusha (new games, not remasters)
Sleeping Dogs would be kickass.

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It would be nice to see follow ups to Panzer Dragoon Saga and Skies of Arcadia.

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Deus Ex (I really need to see how Mankind Divided's story continues)

Mass Effect (if and only if Bioware can get their shit together)

Sleeping Dogs

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Hello, I want to see CSGO Series in return next gen. CSGO is the best game i have ever seen.

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#14 Posted by robert_sparkes (3312 posts) -

Max Payne

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#15 Posted by Yams1980 (3602 posts) -
  • Starcraft 3
  • Saints Row 5
  • Katamari
  • GTA 6